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I have been contemplating the creation of a personal blog for some time now. I began reading blogs when I started my job at UW-Whitewater. There are some great career blogs out there, and the insights I’ve gleaned from them have enhanced the work that I do in career services. I started blogging for work last November: the UW-Whitewater Student Internships Blog. It has become an enjoyable addition to my work.

I have recently been working on a website for a neighborhood association that has formed where Jason and I live in Whitewater: the Historic Starin Park Neighborhood Association. Jason and I are by far the youngest people involved with the organization, and I am one of the only people with some  knowledge of website development. I used WordPress, a blog service, to create the site. This only served to increase my interest in creating my own site.

The final point of inspiration for starting a personal blog is an old acquaitance of mine, Kristin Korevec. I worked with Kristin eight years ago at UW-Madison’s SOAR program and discovered her blog, Madcity Girl, after reconnecting with her on Facebook. Her blog is amazing and it quickly became a regular read of mine. Not only is Kristin an incredible athlete who is headed to the Ironman World Championship, but she travels, reads, cooks and bakes, and much more. She also works in higher education, just as I do. Reading Kristin’s blog, I have been inspired to do much more with my life.

So here I am. I struggled for awhile to determine a focus for a personal blog, but my recent forays into camping provided me with one. I was a reluctant camper who married a camping enthusiast and, as some of my friends and family would consider me to be somewhat “high maintenance,” camping didn’t seem like something I would ever get into. However, thanks to my husband Jason, I have come to love the camping experience and wanted my blog to capture the seemingly disparate facets of my life. First Class Great Outdoors was born.

There have been several hobbies and activities that I’ve wanted to make central in my life, but I have let unimportant things get in the way. My hope is for this blog to be a motivator keeping me on track with the things that are truly important in my life. I also hope that my friends and family enjoy reading this blog and that it might inspire authenticity and action in their lives, too. Welcome to First Class Great Outdoors!

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  1. Adam N

    Laura – Thanks for including me on your email. Look forward to reading your blog. Give Jason my best. Ellie and I are going canoeing/ camping in Shenandoah NP this weekend! It’s going to be my first trip of the season. Hope you’re well! A


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