I Will Not Be A Camping "Cheater"

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Jason and I are, as we like to say, “real” campers. We are not cheaters. In other words, we rough it in a tent. As long as we have a good air mattress, I’m fine with this style of camping. However, someday that might change. I don’t want us to become full-on cheaters in a massive RV, but just camp in a bit more comfort.

Kristin, who blogs at Madcity Girl, wrote a while back about the SylvanSport GO, a very modern camper. It’s not really even a camper; it’s more like a supercool hard-bottom tent. Ever since reading her post about the GO, I’ve been dreaming of owning one.


Not only is the GO very stylish, but it’s also super functional. In addition to being a pop-up style camper, it is a trailer. Jason and I could use it to haul our bikes or his dad’s canoe along on camping trips. When we’re not camping, we could use it to pick up wood and other large, heavy things from Menards.

Someday, when we’re ready and able to upgrade our camping accomodations, this is definitely my choice!

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