A Day Back "Home"

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Jason and I were on the ball this season and bought tickets to three Badger football games. Our first of the three was the home opener against Northern Illinois. It was an absolutely beautiful day to be in Madison and a gorgeous night for a football game.

We started our day on the UW campus with a requisite stop at the Memorial Union. We would have hung out at the Terrace, but it was packed. So, we took a lovely walk along the Lakeshore Path, a walk I haven’t made in close to ten years. We walked past the lakeshore residence halls, my home for two years. I had to pay homage to the 10 year anniversary of my first year as a housefellow. I made some poor personal decisions that year, and I’ve held on to a significant amount of regret since that time. I finally think ten years is long enough to punish myself for being young and human.

The game itself was alright. The Badgers won, but it wasn’t pretty. It was a closer game than it should have been thanks to some errors on the part of the Badgers. But the atmosphere was incredible. There’s nothing like a night game at Camp Randall. As always, my mind was flooded with great memories from my time as a student.

I can’t wait until next Saturday and my next trip back to my “home.”

Lake Mendota

Lakeshore Path

Jason and Laura

On Wisconsin

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