Hanging Out at Camp

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Jason and I were super excited about this year’s campsite at Peninsula State Park. This time, we had one of the few waterside sites.

The site was basically three tiers: the driveway upper tier, the camp area middle tier, and a rock “beach” lower tier. After scoping out many of the other sites around the campground, we feel it is the best one. We already have our reservation made for next fall.





We have eaten several of our meals each trip at our campsite each trip. Preparing a meal over a fire isn’t easy, but we feel it’s part of the experience. Before this summer’s trips, I searched around for some camp recipes and found one for bannock, a camp bread. It’s ridiculously simple to make, very versatile, and super good. This trip, we decided to make a breakfast version. It was like a camp doughnut – awesome!

Paired with the breakfast bannock was the incredible bacon from Dan’s Meat Market in Whitewater. The bacon from Dan’s is quite possibly the most amazing bacon on earth. We missed out on picking some up before our Devil’s Lake trip earlier in the summer, so we made sure to plan enough in advance to buy some this time.


After eating that much food, we needed a little more relaxation…



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