Like to Hike 2009

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So, Peninsula State Park has a “Like to Hike” program. To participate, you pick up a Hiking Log from the park office and use it to record five silent activities you do in the park. If you complete five activities, you get the respective year’s Peninsula Hiking Pin. (Ok, you have to buy the pin and can buy one without completing any activities, but you get a couple dollars off with a completed log. Totally worth it.)

This year was our second annual trip to the park, but our first year aiming to complete the challenge. We started our work at night by stargazing, in honor of 2009 being the International Year of Astronomy (or so my log said). This counted as one activity.

The next day, we hit it hard. Our morning started with biking the Sunset Trail, a 10-mile trail that winds all throughout the park. After our Washington Island biking adventure, this ride was not very easy.

Next, it was off to Nicolet Beach and the Minnehaha Trail. This amounted to about 2 more miles. The Minnehaha Trail connected up with Eagle Trail, (activity #4). Eagle Trail is a challenging 2-mile loop along amazing bluffs. Just as we were finishing Eagle Trail and making our way back to Nicolet Beach, it started to rain.

Determined to finish off our Like to Hike adventure, we walked the White Cedar Nature Trail in the rain. This .5-mile loop winds through the woods. Nature signs along the way provide ample information on deers and tips for spotting them. We didn’t see any (wrong time of day), but I learned a lot.

After an intense day of biking and hiking, I feel I really earned my pin (the 2009 pin features Wisconsin’s state flower, the wood violet). I’m excited to try completing a log each year and collecting lots of pins – little mementos from our family trips.

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