Project Life Tuesday: Week Six

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Still going strong with my Project Life 2010. As far as my actual album goes, all of my January pictures have been placed in the album and all of my January journaling is finished. I hope to catch up on the first two weeks of journaling for February this week.

Feb. 8 - Lounging with my Thea. Even though the dogs aren't allowed on the furniture, sometimes Thea breaks us down.

Feb. 9 - Teeth brushing time! Bailey gets way too excited when the tootbrush comes out.

Feb. 10 - I wound up leaving work early because I felt sick. A whole sleeve of saltines was my salvation.

Feb. 11 - Yes, this is the time we went to bed. We were exhausted and I still wasn't feeling 100% better.

Feb. 12 - Valentine's Day came a little early. Jason got me the Packers bangles I wanted. He's so good!

Feb. 13 - The Valentine's gifts keep rolling in. My grandmas made us a batch of her famous sugar cookies. They are awesome - and now gone.

Feb. 14 - Happy Valentine's Day!

A Week Ago in My Project Life:

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