Gardening Made Easy

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Despite having a very large backyard, I’m not really able to plant a full vegetable garden. The backyard borders a creek and lies within the flood plain. All it takes is a few rainy days or rain combined with snow melt to turn our house into real waterfront property.

Flood of 2008 – Just days after our wedding

So I was very excited to discover this patio garden last summer.

Garden, Summer 2009

It doesn’t take up much room on our deck and it allows me to plant tomatoes or other similar plants upside-down along with more growing space above.

This year, I have planted two tomato plants, two zucchini plants, two basil plants, some cilantro, and some sage. I have the garden located in a sunnier spot this summer, so hopefully my plants will be more “productive.”

Garden on May 30, 2010

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