Putting My Best Face Forward

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I try to take very good care of my skin. I used to get regular facials, but I’m not living as grand as a professional as I did as a grad student šŸ˜• . However, last week I did have a facial at a spa I had never visited before. While it was nice at the time, my face was all irritated only two days later. Boo!

A few months ago, I wrote about greening my beauty routine. I switched out the cleanser that I had been using for years and replaced it with a greener option from Juice Beauty. I wanted to give the switch some time before I wrote much more about it.

At first, I did experience some mild skin irritation along my jawline. After a couple of weeks, however, it cleared up. Now, I’m loving the cleanser.

Juice Beauty Cleansing Gel

When I originally wrote about trying a new cleanser, the people at Juice Beauty reached out to me with an opportunity to try another of their products: the Green Apple Peel. They sent me a sample size of the peel (for sensitive skin) and I have been usingĀ it once a week for about a month and a half now. I love it, too!

The Green Apple Peel is a super lightweight gel mask. I started using it during the last week of the irritation I was experiencing after the cleanser switch. I don’t know if the mask was responsible, but the irritation did seem to subside quickly after using the peel for the first time.

What I really like about the Green Apple Peel is that it just leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh. There’s no artificial tightness or tingling that I’ve experienced with other masks or scrubs. I just feel like I’m treating my skin to healthy goodness.

With winter now upon us, I’m contemplating picking up their Exfoliating Cleanser to use once or twice a week. I might even splurge onĀ a tube ofĀ tinted Lip Moisturizer, even though I need moreĀ lip balm/gloss like I need a hole in the head šŸ™‚ .

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