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Um, so I have been MIA from First Class Great Outdoors for a week. Oops! I wish I could say that I’ve been incredibly busy, but I can’t. Incredibly lazy? That might be a little closer…  😕

So what’s new in my little outdoorsy world? A few things…

  • I applied/auditioned for a female video blogger/gear reviewer role with I’m excited about this potential opportunity. A decision is expected come April, so I have a little time to wait. However, if things don’t work out, maybe I’ll work on doing more video for First Class Great Outdoors. Well, either way, I want to do more “vlogging.”
  • Jason and I got a new camera! We officially made the free Ansel Adams/Canon Photography Workshop we took in Yosemite the self-professed “most expensive free workshop ever”  😀 We wound up getting the Canon Rebel T2i, same as what we used during the workshop we took. We’re getting back up to speed on using it, but I know I’m excited to take another new hobby to the next level.
  • We’re going to Disney! A little bonus to my job is that I get to work with the Disney College Program. Unfortunately – and I truly mean that – our regular site visitor, the instructor for my university’s credited Disney course, can’t go on his semesterly visit to see our students. Enter me! Jason gets to tag along for a week of Florida sun and free Disney access. Not a bad gig 😎

That about covers it. I should have some good things to write about in the coming weeks. And I have to – gotta reach those 2011 goals I set  🙂

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