One Good Decision Leads to Another

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My week is off to a great start. I guess trying to look at things from a more positive perspective really helps 😉

Yesterday, I managed to finally drag myself out of bed for a morning workout. I did my new Booty Barre DVD, and it literally kicked my booty! On the surface, the workout doesn’t appear to be too difficult…but that’s the surface view. It is super challenging! I was taking constant breaks and I may have cursed the TV a time or two 😐  Despite the difficulty of the workout, I’m excited to take it on again!

In the spirit of one good decision leading to another, I was a healthy little eater yesterday and felt great as a result. I enjoyed my new favorite breakfast: oatmeal (Mom – If you’re reading this, yes, I did just say oatmeal 😯 ). I added some walnuts to my apple-cinnamon oatmeal and shared a nanner with my doggies.

Nanner moochers
Nanner Buddies

The whole healthy thing didn’t stop with breakfast. A mid-morning snack of an orange kept me going until lunch…for which I WALKED HOME! Granted, I live approximately a half a mile from work, but I have only walked to work or home for lunch a couple of times. It felt great to get out and enjoy the fresh air, a little sunshine, and a big salad topped off with spending time with the kids.

Carrots with hummus and grapefruit slices for a snack and English muffin pizzas for dinner capped off my good day.

Today was rainy and chilly, but Jason and I didn’t let that keep us from running this morning. Amazing? For us, yes! We just managed to get out and back between downpours. My legs were pretty tired after, so I opted to grab lunch on campus instead of walking home in the rain. I’m happy with my choice.

Gloomy Day on Campus

My morning run was followed by more healthy food choices: oatmeal and a banana for breakfast; an orange mid-morning; a veggie sandwich and chips for lunch (the chips being my one downfall); carrots with hummus again in the afternoon; and a naked vegetarian burrito from Qdoba for dinner.

Question of the Day:

What is one healthy thing you did for yourself today?

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