Brutally Honest

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I don’t know how we did it, but Jason and I managed to go out for our 2-mile run in the rain and cold. We are about one week out from our first 5K of the season, and the conditioning is also important for our trip in July.

Rain, wind, and run-whiped Laura.

One helpful tool in getting me out the door was my new toy: a Garmin Forerunner 305! I feel like such an athlete  🙂 . The Garmin will give me great feedback on my workouts and I hope it will push me to challenge myself.

Despite the weather, I needed this run. I had a bit of a down day realizing that I’m not making progress towards my weight-loss goal. More specifically, I’ve made no progress   😳

I’m contemplating some new reward-based strategies to help. And I need to start holding myself more accountable, so I’ll likely be turning to you all for help. I hope you won’t mind more posts about my food choices and workouts.

I want to have the absolute best time hiking through the Yosemite High Sierra Camps. I need to keep that sentiment in the forefront of my mind everyday…

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2 thoughts on “Brutally Honest

  1. Stephania

    Best of luck with your 5k that’s coming up!
    Don’t get discouraged with weight loss it’s different for everyone but just remember to keep pushing yourself when you work out and make smart eating choices!


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