Can’t Leave Door Without It

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After our run, Jason and I returned to the house in Egg Harbor to clean up and change. On the docket for the afternoon: mini-golf, shopping, and eating!

We drove north to Sister Bay for Swedish meatballs at Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant. And given the beautiful weather, we thought for sure that the goats would be out on the roof. Yes, you read that correctly. Al Johnson’s has a sod roof where goats graze and lounge around – weather permitting (don’t want any goats slipping off in the rain 😯 ).

To our great sadness, they were replacing the sod roof – so no goatsΒ  πŸ˜₯ . We’ve actually only seen the goats in action once. We tend to get unlucky with the rain.

While the beautiful weather was great, it was a bit of an unpleasant surprise for us. We had been watching the weather reports for days to see if it would be nice enough to take along our golf clubs and hit the Peninsula State Park Golf Course. The reports kept calling for rain, so we left them at home. So it makes total sense that it would be perfect golf weather the day of the runΒ  πŸ˜• .

Since we didn’t have the clubs, we did the next best thing: mini-golf!

It’s Pirate’s Cove – You have to…

After a quick round, we hit up one of my favorite Door County shops, the City Farmer. This is a very dangerous shop for me – I could do some serious damage if I had the ability πŸ˜€ Β . I behaved, and my only “splurge” was the Vera Bradley laptop sleeve I’ve been eyeing up. I’m on a VB kick!

Now I can take it places πŸ˜‰
Gift for My Mac

Our final, and most important, stop of the day was Wild Tomato in Fish Creek. This pizzeria and grille has become a must-stop for every one of our Door County trips. Their pizza is the best I’ve ever had, hands down.

When in Door County, order a Door County-grown brew.

Cheese curd awesomeness!

Now, that’s my kind of dinner!

After two pieces of pizza, Jason declared that he might not finish his half…but he did. There’s no way to not finish a pizza this amazing!

I would say we made the most of our weekend in Door!


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4 thoughts on “Can’t Leave Door Without It

  1. Phil

    Oh man, I miss Door County…and cheese curds. I’ve read about vodka and whiskey being produced with Door County wheat. Any experience with those?

    1. Laura Post author

      I don’t, but we did see the HUGE addition that the Door Peninsula Winery is building for their Door County Distillery ( It’s slated to open at the end of this month. It will be the county’s first distillery. Might have to pay it a visit on our next trip πŸ™‚

  2. iris

    I’m thinking fried cheese curds are a Wisconsin thing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them in Pennsylvania. Of course, I haven’t been everywhere in Pennsylvania!

    1. Laura Post author

      My impression is that they’re very much a Wisconsin thing. People that I’ve met who are from other states have typically never heard of them or had them.

      But if you ever do get out this way, you have to try them. They are so good and pure Wisconsin πŸ™‚


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