Nicolet Bay 5K Recap

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Jason and I are back home after an incredibly beautiful weekend in Door County. The whole reason for the trip was to run in the Nicolet Bay 5K, part of the Door County Half Marathon event.

The weather was perfect! After weeks of rain and cold, the sun was a very welcome site. The breeze off the lake was a little chilly, but the sun warmed us up.

Perfect Day for a Run

Jason and I parked at the local school and rode the shuttle into Peninsula State Park. We heeded the suggestion to arrive as early as possible, so we were in the park by 8:30am…even though we didn’t run until 10:30am. We took advantage of the downtime by warming up really well. We walked a few laps around the campground before heading to the race starting line.


As the race started, Jason and I let the majority of the crowd to get through the gate before taking off ourselves, avoiding the heavy initial crowding. I felt great right from the get-go, which was very unusual for me. Normally, I feel sluggish for the first mile. Maybe it was the adrenaline or maybe it was the ample warm-up, but I just went with it. Jason stuck with me throughout, even though I thought I might lose him during one of my passing sprees. We wound up passing A LOT of people, which definitely gave me more motivation to have a great run.

I glanced at my Garmin every couple of minutes to check my pace. Wow! We were clipping along pretty fast at a few points. We’re talking a sub-10 minute/sub-9 minute pace. It was crazy! We slowed up when we hit the worst hill of the route – which wasn’t even that bad – around the halfway point. From there, it was all downhill.

We hit a nasty bug field just before the 3-mile mark. It was grossΒ  πŸ˜› . The last half-mile was the roughest. It felt like the finish line was never going to come. I just had to keep pushing myself – there was no way I was stopping at that point. In the end, I achieved my goal: To run the entire 3.1 miles.

Ultimately, I did darn a good job:

  • Time – 32:31
  • Pace – 10:28
  • Overall Place – 196/485
  • Division Place (Female 30-34) – 21/42
  • Gender Place – 105/331

Looking and feeling good after the race.
Awesome Finish

Now that training for this race is over, the focus moves to training for our High Sierra loop hike. Bring it!

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