Cherish Every Day

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As I mentioned in my last post, it was Thea’s birthday yesterday.

My special girl is 9 years old.

This birthday made me a little sad. Of course, I’m grateful for every birthday she has. But Thea is a dog, so each birthday brings me closer to her last.

Every day with Thea is precious. Over the last five years, with the sheer number of changes in our life – finishing grad school, dating Jason, getting a job/working full time, getting engaged, buying a house, getting married – my focus has been pulled in so many different directions. Thea often gets shortchanged. It also doesn’t help that she has an attention whore for a sister.

But we’re also so happy that she has Bailey for a sister. Bailey has kept Thea young; the two play together all of the time. Thea loves Bailey.

I love my quirky girl. She’s my angel, and I will cherish every day I have with her.


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2 thoughts on “Cherish Every Day

  1. Chris

    What a lovely girl – she seems to have the same sweet demeanor as my Jakey dog – he’s about 9 now too (we met when he was ‘about’ 2 years old) – he groans a bit more now than he used to, and that makes me sad. But he’s still the best dog in town! (he’s well known on his walks) Many more returns to your puppy!!

    1. Laura Post author

      Thanks Chris! I met Thea when she was a little under a year old. She had been surrendered by a family to an area humane society. She flashed us her sad eyes, and we were sold 🙂

      Best to you and your pup, too!!


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