Fish Fry Without the Fry

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Long time, no see. I’ve been MIA from the blog this week. Time has seemingly gotten away from me, but it’s time to get back on track  🙂

Since we had our niece over to camp in the backyard last Friday, we skipped Friday fish fry. So in the spirit of getting back on track, we headed out for our regular Friday night fare. Tonight, we went to another (former) Whitewater area institution, the Cold Spring Inn.

I added the “former” since it’s no longer the hoppin’ place Jason and I remember from childhood. Growing up, Cold Spring was that place where everyone seemed to go. It was always busy. Times have definitely changed. If you go on a regular weeknight, you will often be at one of maybe two or three occupied tables. Friday nights are busier, but the crowd is very different from what I remembered as a kid. Not to be snobby, but the crowd is decidedly white trash. Sorry  😕

The other sketchiness – all of the employees that you can see are thin, adolescent girls. No boys, no “adults.” It’s like a restaurant run by children. Mildly creepy.

Having said that, the food at the Cold Spring Inn is AWESOME!

I had the steamed cod with a baked potato. If you ever wanted a “healthier” version of a fish fry, this is probably it.

Jason enjoyed their combo option of fish and chicken. He loves their chicken – it’s baked, not fried, and the seasoning is excellent.

Other high points include a nice salad bar with good soup. (Well, at least they usually have good soups. Tonight’s options, creamy asparagus and cheesy seafood, did not sound appealing 😐 ) Beyond the fish fry, the rest of their menu is pretty tasty. Jason really enjoys their burgers. I like their fried shrimp.

I both like and dislike the Cold Spring Inn. Great food, not so great atmosphere. I don’t know what happened to it over the last few decades, but I miss the restaurant from my memories.


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