Recap of Yosemite 2010, Day 5

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It’s Sunday, so that means Jason and I will be exploring Kings Canyon National Park. We will be fully immersed in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, which I’m sure I’m loving  🙂

As I prepared for this recap series, I realized that I never wrote a post for our final day in Yosemite last June 🙁  Bad Blogger! Bad! The funny thing is that Day 5 probably made the greatest impact on me personally. And it was our drive into the mountains on Day 5 that led to this current trip.

Here’s hoping I do that day justice…


Day 5 – June 9, 2010

After our big hike to Vernal and Nevada Falls, we decided that our final day would be best spent sitting as much as possible. So, we headed for the high country along the Tioga Road.
Let's Head for the High Country

Jason was super excited to see a marmot.
Close Up on the Marmot

We stopped at Olmstead Point with yet another different view of Half Dome.
Half Dome

Cloud's Rest

Our next stop along was Tenaya Lake. It was still a little iced over.

Tenaya Lake

We passed by the Tuolumne Meadows area that was still slightly snow-covered and shut-down (imagine that). Since we got into the park on a free weekend, we weren’t driving out of the park. This was as far as we went. Look at that snow!
Lots of Snow

High Country Clouds & Sky 1

Clearly, they weren’t kidding.
Looks Like They're Not Kidding

Because I was obsessed with it, we made another stop at Tenaya Lake.
Jason in His Element

Tenaya Lake

Tenaya Lake

Smile for the Waterfall!

The sky was just SO blue.
High Country

Yosemite Creek
Yosemite Creek

Yosemite Creek

Yosemite Creek

For some reason, I found these signs to be really funny.
There Are Rocks Everywhere!

Other signs weren’t very funny. These signs indicated spots where bears had been hit. “Red Bear, Dead Bear.” Not funny.
Red Bear = Dead Bear

“Watch for Rocks” = Funny. Rocks falling on truck = Not so funny.
Remember: Watch for Rocks

Back in the Valley, we stopped at Fern Spring.
Fern Spring

Fern Spring

And at El Capitan.
El Capitan

We turned into the Valley Chapel parking lot for more than just church business…

We were scoping out the neighboring meadow for bears. We got lucky!
"Our" Bear

After dinner, we headed out to get some evening shots of Half Dome. As the sun sets, it’s like the face of Half Dome glows. We got there rather early, so we went bear “hunting” again.
Half Dome

Bear #3
Bear #3

And Bear #4
Bear #4!!

Bear #4

As we peeled ourselves away from bear watching, we realized we were missing our Half Dome photo op.
Half Dome as the Sun Sets

Half Dome at Sunset

Half Dome at Sunset

Half Dome at Sunset


I was so sad for that trip to be over. I teared up so many times as we left the park, took off from the airport, arrived back in Wisconsin. However, in those final moments with Yosemite Valley, I vowed to return. And I kept that promise to myself.

Goodbye Yosemite

I can’t wait to share the latest chapter of my travels with you!


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