Road Trip to DC: Exploring the National Mall

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With the wedding scheduled for late afternoon and the charter bus to the ceremony not leaving the hotel until 2:30pm, Jason and I had just enough time to see the hub of DC tourism – the National Mall. We woke up super early to have some breakfast and then catch a cab to the Mall.

Laura at the Lincoln Memorial

We started at the Lincoln Memorial and worked our way along the Mall from there.

Abe Lincoln

Jason took some amazing photos…

MLK Memorial

Jefferson Memorial at Sunrise

Jefferson Memorial

I made it a point to stop at the World War II Memorial. Both Jason’s Grandpa and my Grandpa served during the war, and I will admit that I got rather choked up walking around the memorial. It was beautiful.

WWII Memorial

WI WWII Memorial

Washington Monument

Cool story of the morning, if not the whole trip: We saw Bo, the First Dog. We had just walked up to the fence bordering the South Lawn. We were admiring the White House garden when Jason noticed a dog romping around. By the time he mentioned it to me, the dog had run behind a bush. Then, he reappeared and I instantly recognized him. But then again, how many dogs are there running around the White House lawn?

White House

From the White House, we took a roundabout route to the Capitol. On the way, we popped into the National Archives (we hit it just as it was opening) to see the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. After seeing the Capitol, we made a quick stop at Macy’s (Jason forgot his belt at home) and headed back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding.

Laura in DC

I am so glad we were able to see the highlights of DC in the short time we had.


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