My First Completed Pins

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As you may know, I have become mildly obsessed with Pinterest. Not a day goes by when I don’t visit the site, and I even found a way to use it professionally. Yeah, I’m that good  😉

It’s almost impossible to spend time on Pinterest and not want to be more crafty. Christmas seemed like the perfect time to let the “pinspiration” take over.

Mason jar crafts are rampant on Pinterest. I went with two different mason jar ideas that I had pinned: Christmas Treat Jars and “In-A-Jar” gifts.

Christmas Treat Jars


I made four of these jars using almonds, almond M&Ms, and, since almond M&Ms were quite scarce, mint M&Ms. To maintain the layered look, I used a cup of the given treat for each layer. If you make these jars and use nuts, it’s important to use unsalted nuts only. Apparently, salt will ruin the other treats in the jar.

In-A-Jar Gift


I used this pin more for inspiration than strict instruction. I decided to make four “Manicure In a Jar” jars that included:

  • Manicure gloves (which to my great surprise, we extremely difficult to find)
  • Mini nail clippers and emory board
  • Nail buffing block
  • Hand lotion
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Ghirardelli chocolates – for the pampering factor

I used my Xyron Create-A-Sticker (5″) to attach ribbon around the rim of each jar. Then I stuck a curly Christmas bow on top. I used my Cricut to craft up some Christmas-y tags. Luckily, my most recent cartridge acquisition included a tag shape, the “To:,” and a snowflake. Perfect!

Duct Tape Flower Pencils


After completing the jars, I set to work on one more project – Duct Tape Flower Pencils for my niece. I pinned this idea from Pioneer Woman, and it was a huge hit.

I made a bouquet of five flowers. Four were pink with silver accents, and one was the reverse. Once I got into a groove ripping the pieces of tape, I wanted to keep going. They were rather fun to make. I happened to have a tiny vase, so I stuck a piece of colorful ribbon around the neck of the vase and put the pencils in it. Perfect packaging for the gift.

With all the pinning I have been doing, I am proud that I actually followed through on a few of them. I feel so productive  🙂

Are you on Pinterest? If so, have you taken action on any of your pins?

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