Supper Clubbing

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Jason and I have been going old school lately, hitting up the supper club scene.

In case you aren’t familiar, supper clubs are a Wisconsin tradition. These old-fashioned, fine-dining restaurants are often family-owned. The food is focused on comfort, with steak and fish the stars of the show. They are the common backdrop for my beloved Friday fish fry.

Growing up in Wisconsin, I frequented local supper clubs with my parents. I have fond memories of dinners at the Black Stallion, a hometown supper club that closed probably 20 years ago. I sipped my kiddie cocktail while my parents enjoyed their drinks of choice – a brandy old-fashioned for mom, a brandy manhattan for dad. Then there was the beer sign along the back wall of the bar area, a lit-up rotating northwoods scene (like a Hamm’s Scene-o-Rama). The whole thing is pure Wisconsin nostalgia.

Lately, Jason and I have been enjoying the Buckhorn Supper Club. We ate there for our February date night, and we invited our friends Lisa and Patrick to meet up with us there last weekend.

Buckhorn Supper Club

Being creatures of habit, both Jason and I had the same meals each time. Jason is all about their prime rib. And thanks to my dinner during our visit to Shenandoah National Park, I have been on a trout kick. On our first visit to the Buckhorn, I had the trout stuffed with a crab cake. The second time, I went with the simple broiled trout.

There are so many supper clubs we would like to visit. Maybe we’ll make this a summer of supper clubs  🙂

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2 thoughts on “Supper Clubbing

  1. iris

    Ah, this reminds me a pinch of New Jersey’s famed diners…(yes, every town has greasy spoons, but not quite in the same density as New Jersey). There’s not really anything those types of places don’t specialize in.

    ‘Sounds tasty 🙂


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