Look What We Found

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Jason and his dad headed out to the country lot this week. We still hadn’t found two of the lot’s corner markers, so they headed out with a metal detector to find them. In the process, Jason found this…

Deer Antler

Deer Antler 2

This is the craziest thing yet in this whole country home adventure. Jason figures that there are probably more, so we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled on future lot walks.

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2 thoughts on “Look What We Found

  1. Beth

    Nice! Deer tend to hold on to their sheds until late-winter so they’re the ones you find this time of year that haven’t been chewed up by the mice. (Although we did find one that had been chewed pretty good…it’s our dog’s favorite toy.)

    1. Laura Post author

      Interesting. I know absolutely nothing about this stuff, including mice chewing antlers. So much for me to learn about living in the country 🙂


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