2012 Western Road Trip: Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

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One of the areas that Jason and I were super excited to see on our first full day in Yellowstone was the Canyon area.

The Yellowstone River flows through the area and has helped carve the canyon. It also creates the Upper and Lower Falls.

The whole area is really beautiful, and it just goes to show what an incredibly diverse park Yellowstone is.

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

Canyon and Falls

Jason and Laura in Yellowstone

Lower Falls
Lower Falls

Upper Falls
Upper Falls

By the way, check out my favorite souvenir from the trip: my Yellowstone Association fleece. It was on sale in the Yellowstone Association store in Gardiner, so I snagged it before we even got into the park. It was so comfortable and cute – I was, and still am, in love with it!

Laura at Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

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