2012 Western Road Trip: The Lamar Valley

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After taking in the sights around the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, it was time to hit the road for our final destination of the day: The Lamar Valley. The Lamar Valley is another wildlife hot spot and is particularly big for wolf-watching. We definitely weren’t visiting the valley at a time of the day when we were likely to see any wolves. And as much as I wanted to see a wolf during the trip, we didn’t take it seriously enough for it to happen. Our next Yellowstone trip will be dedicated to seeing wolves.

En route to the Lamar Valley, we passed by Tower Fall and made the quick stop.

Tower Fall

I enjoyed the waterfalls we saw in Yellowstone, but it’s not like Yosemite. Then again, what is?

Even though we didn’t see wolves, we didn’t miss out on wildlife. There were bison herds all over the Lamar Valley, including plenty of baby bison. Loved the baby bison!

Lamar Valley 2

Lamar Valley

Bison Herd 2

Bison Herd

In case we had forgotten that this was a wild place, our most interesting find surely reminded us…

Lamar Valley Bones

Yes, those are bones. We parked in one of the pull-outs along the road to take in the views and observe some bison. And right there in the gravel were these bones. Cool and kind of creepy all at the same time.

Lamar Valley Bone

We did see the Yellowstone Association’s Buffalo Ranch field campus. I would love to participate in one of the Association’s seminars. It seems like it would be such an incredible experience, and I think it’s the only way that I stand a chance at seeing a wolf. I have to see wolves!

On this trip, we made do with lots and lots of bison.

Bison Up Close

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2 thoughts on “2012 Western Road Trip: The Lamar Valley

  1. Beth

    I want to see a wolf SO STINKING BAD. I keep seeing sign around here but never seen so much as a glimpse (which isn’t really surprising but still).

    Do you have your eye on any specific course at Buffalo Ranch?

    1. Laura Post author

      My husband thinks I’m crazy for obsession with seeing a wolf, but it would be so cool! We have them in Wisconsin, but they’re more prevalent in the northern part of the state (we’re in the southeast corner).

      I have looked at the “Wolves of Yellowstone” course. It looks like they have a couple other longer wolf-focused courses, too. Our next visit is going to be focused on wildlife, wolves in particular, so one of these courses would be a perfect fit.


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