2012 Western Road Trip: Baby Bison!

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If there was one thing we saw a lot of during our time in Yellowstone, it was bison. Even though we saw them everywhere, it didn’t get old. It was especially fun since each run-in was exciting:

After leaving the Artist Paintpots, we continued south along the Grand Loop Road en route to Old Faithful. It was easy to get lost in the beautiful scenery, but those curving roads can hide dangers around the corner. Dangers like bison jams.

First Bison Jam

We came around a corner to find this group of bison just strolling along. It was the first bison jam we were in, and we were the front car coming from our direction. We had a moment of wondering what to do. Just so you know, there really isn’t anything you can do. So we just waited them out.

Fun facts: Bison don’t really walk in a straight line. Bison definitely don’t walk fast. And in a bison jam situation, they will walk very close to your car.

A Little Close for Comfort

As this big boy got closer to the car, I told Jason that he should roll up his window. His response: “How would that help? When it rams the car, I get showered with glass from the rolled up window?”

Good point.

We were clearly driving through a hotbed of bison activity because shortly after getting through the bison jam, we discovered a hillside covered in them.

Bison Herd

The absolute best thing about this bison herd was the sheet number of baby bison (I know they’re called calves, but I like baby bison better 😀 ). They were the cutest things ever!

Baby Bison!

I was a very giddy girl each time I saw a bison calf. And I got to enjoy this frolicking pair for several minutes thanks to…

Why Did the Bison Cross the Road?

You don’t get anywhere quickly when traveling through Yellowstone.

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