2012 Western Road Trip: Leaving Yellowstone

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After about two and a half days exploring Yellowstone National Park, it was time to leave. Our next destination: Grand Teton National Park.

Lucky for us, we had two more wildlife encounters on our way south. First, we saw our grizzly family in the same place again. But this time, they were SUPER close to the road. There were rangers overseeing the situation from both directions along the road to keep people from easily approaching the bears.

Grizzly Family 1

Grizzly Family 2

Grizzly Family 3

Grizzly Family 4

Down the road, we got caught in our final bison jam. It was a doozie. We were stuck for about an hour. As the herd would weave from one lane to another, traffic in the open lane would move. Traffic jams like this are a little less frustrating when you’re in such a beautiful place.

Another Bison Jam

Yellowstone is not a small place, so it was a long drive from Mammoth Hot Springs to the park’s south gate. Eventually, we caught glimpses of what awaited us.

More Mountains Ahead

Goodbye Yellowstone

Hello Grand Teton

Nothing could have prepared us for seeing the Tetons for the first time. I believe we were both in awe as we drove. Thanks to the breaking clouds, the scene was made even more dramatic.

The Tetons

There are turnouts all along the roads through the park, each offering a slightly different view of the mountains. We only stopped at a couple as we made our way to Moose, where we would be staying.

Mount Moran

Tetons 1

Tetons 2

And finally, we found our first Stephen Mather plaque. Maybe it was a sign that this was to become another special place in our hearts…

Stephen Mather Plaque in Teton

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