2012 Western Road Trip: Old Faithful

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Finally, we arrived at the main attraction for our second full day in Yellowstone National Park – Old Faithful Geyser. We arrived about 5 or 10 minutes before it was about to erupt. Good timing!

Old Faithful Visitor Education Center

Side Note: We explored the Old Faithful Visitor Education Center after we watched the geyser erupt. It is a great visitor center. Even if you spend just a little bit of time viewing the exhibits, you come away with a much better understanding of how geysers work.

Now, back to Old Faithful…

Old Faithful 1

Old Faithful 2

Old Faithful 3

Old Faithful 5

Old Faithful 10

Old Faithful 11

Old Faithful 12

Old Faithful 14

I was really prepared to be underwhelmed by Old Faithful, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was actually pretty impressive to watch.

After watching two eruptions, we took a short hike to view some of the other hydrothermal features around the Old Faithful area.

Bear Warning

And found more comforting signage.


How Deep?

Another Geyser Erupts

Old Faithful Inn

I really wish we had been able to go into the Old Faithful Inn, but it was closed for renovations. At least from the outside, it looked incredible.

I was glad that we were visiting the park during the off-season for Old Faithful alone. To put it in perspective, there is basically a freeway interchange to get into the Old Faithful area. That should tell you something about what traffic is like during the busy season. There were definitely people around during our visit, but I’m guessing it was nothing by comparison.

Old Faithful Blows Again

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