2012 Western Road Trip: Grand Teton Home Base

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For our visit to Grand Teton National Park, we stayed at Dornan’s┬áin Moose, Wyoming. Our one bedroom cabin looked out towards the Snake River with the Tetons as a backdrop. It was a beautiful setting and a cozy place to call home for a couple of days.

Teton Cabin

The cabins are legit log cabins. Jason and I were considering a log home for when we build, but a real log cabin is a lot of upkeep. I’ll enjoy on vacations instead.

Here’s a peek inside (pardon the poor photo quality):

Teton Cabin Kitchen

Teton Cabin Storage
Storage bench/closet just outside the bathroom

Teton Cabin Bedroom

Teton Cabin Interior

As we got settled, we started thinking about dinner. We quickly found out that the immediate dining option, Dornan’s Pizza Pasta Company, wasn’t yet open for dinner (darn off season). Luckily, the small grocery store at Dornan’s was open, so we grabbed a few items to get us through: frozen pizza and hot dogs. Fancy.

Instead of sitting around the cabin, we headed to the Pizza Pasta Company for a drink (the bar was open into the afternoon). We chatted with the bartender, a really nice guy who knew the local area well. Since neither frozen pizza or hot dogs sounded that good, we asked about places in the area to eat. He recommended a drive along the Moose Wilson Road, both for the scenery and to get us to a couple of good restaurants.

The Moose Wilson Road connects Moose, Wyoming with – you guessed it – Wilson, Wyoming. A small stretch of the road is dirt. It winds through a marshy area that is ideal moose habitat.

For dinner, we went to Q Roadhouse in Jackson Hole.

Q Roadhouse Barbecue

This restaurant was right up our alley. The decor was a cool, handcrafted industrial. The food was awesome – I don’t remember specifically what I had, but it was some type of barbecue that was really good. And the setting couldn’t be beat. There was a huge yard between Q Roadhouse and the neighboring restaurant. The open space was perfect for kids to run around and play. I was totally ready to move to Jackson.

We took the Moose Wilson Road back to our cabin and hoped to get lucky in spotting more wildlife. We were! Not only did we see a beaver making a huge dam, we saw our second moose. Score!

Our Second Moose

Our evening didn’t end there. We still had some photography to do…

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