Spring Hike at Bald Bluff

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At some point in early May, it occurred to me that Jason and I were less than a month away from our big summer vacation that would include major hikes and adventuring…and we had been doing nothing more than sitting on our butts for the last several months. Knowing our destination well at this point – Yosemite National Park – I didn’t think it was the best idea to head into this adventure having done no hiking beforehand. So I suggested a Saturday morning hike to Jason.


We had hiked the Bald Bluff Nature Trail once before several years ago. The trail starts out with a series of switchbacks to get up to the overlook. And if you continue hiking along the intersecting Ice Age Trail, you’ll have to hike back up to the bluff once more to get back to the parking area. With more mountainous hikes in our near future, I thought this made a good choice for working our legs a little.

Bald Bluff isn’t necessarily the most scenic hike, but it is the highest point in the county. So it has that going for it.


We decided to bring Bailey with us on our hike, which did not make Thea very happy. We have taken both dogs with us hiking a few times, and unfortunately it isn’t much fun. The two together get too excited and feed off of one another’s energy. They become hard to control, which takes the joy out of the whole hike. We were particularly happy we only had one dog with us when we came upon a family with little kids on the trail. Bailey alone was very calm. If we had both dogs, it would have been chaos.


After reaching the overlook, we continued along the Ice Age Trail for another 15 minutes or so before heading back. This took us much farther into the woods around Bald Bluff than we had gone before. It’s quite pretty. Next time, we have to make sure to keep going all the way to the Stone Elephant (about 1.5 miles along the Ice Age Trail beyond the Bald Bluff overlook).


Despite having to deal with a few ticks afterwards, we had a nice morning hike. We didn’t hike again until we were in Yosemite, so conditioning ourselves for our trip still didn’t happen (and we paid dearly for it). But at least I had good intentions, if only for a brief moment.

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