Vegas! Exploring The Strip

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As a French major in college, I truly appreciated our hotel choice for my first trip to Vegas: Paris Las Vegas. After a decent night’s sleep, we were up early to beat some of the Vegas heat and start exploring the strip from our Paris home base.

It’s like we’re really in Paris, non?


Actually, before we hit the street, we grabbed some breakfast from neighboring Bally’s. It was about 8:00am, and there were already people in the casino. Again, I’m not a gambler, so I was a little shocked, maybe even a little appalled, that people were already belly up to the tables. Jason informed me that these were the smart people, and that I would understand as the day wore on.

After breakfast, with coffee in hand, we hit the Strip. We walked through just about every hotel and casino.






At one point, we circled back into Bally’s. It was around 2:00pm and it was PACKED! I finally understood what Jason was talking about earlier in the day and agreed that if I were a gambler, I’d get up to gamble early in the morning, too.

We had dinner plans at Lagasse’s Stadium in the Palazzo 5:00pm. With Paris in the middle of the Strip, this meant that we walked from Paris down the Strip one direction, circled back around, and went all the way to the other end. It was a lot of walking. But we did make a few stops to sit at slot machines, including some time in Caesars Palace with super overpriced frozen drinks. As it turned out, though, our restaurant choice was perfect for resting after a long day of walking.

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2 thoughts on “Vegas! Exploring The Strip

  1. iris

    I went to Vegas with my mom a few years back, neither of us gamble, but as you’ve already found out…you don’t really need to gamble in Vegas. Paris was nice, but we stayed at the Venetian. The fake tourist sights in these casinos are pretty hilarious, aren’t they?

    1. Laura Post author

      The Venetian looked like a nice place. We walked through on the way to dinner at the Palazzo. I’m sure we will go back to Vegas. Maybe I’ll experience Italy the next time around 😉


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