August Changes

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Yes, I said August changes. It has been a month since I wrote, although it feels like longer. When I left off in August, I was recapping our June trip to Vegas and Yosemite. But that story can wait, because there have been some big changes in the Jacobs’ household.

The first change was a very sad one. We lost our Thea  🙁  Those of you who follow me on Twitter or Instagram may already know this. After we found out about Thea’s tumor, her health declined very quickly. The point came when we knew it was time to say goodbye.


I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again – Thea was my once-in-a-lifetime dog. She was such a special soul, and she was an incredibly important member of our family. We were devastated (including Bailey), but it brings me comfort to know she is with my dad. I will see her again one day…

The other change has been a very happy one, and it actually had its start the day before we put Thea down. That day, I interviewed for a new job. Not even a week later, I got and accepted the job. I have a new job!!

I left the higher education world for the business world. I took a marketing communications job with a local marketing company. I manage social media and write for a living now. This was a change I had been contemplating for some time, and the time finally came to make the move.

My home for the last five and a half years, all empty on my last day.

The move was definitely scary. I had been with the university for seven years. I had been working in higher education para-professionally/professionally for 10 years. Heck, my master’s degree is in higher education counseling. But over the last five years, I had been dabbling in social media and ultimately made it a large portion of my work. I found another area of passion, and I’m so excited to finally be pursuing it full time.

I will say that I deeply miss the students I worked with. And I was sad to leave so many of the things I built at the university. But I am now in a happier, healthier place. I’ve been in my new job for a month, and it’s going great!

So yeah, a lot has changed in the Jacobs’ household in a short period of time. Oh, and I can’t forget a third big change that will impact our family for years to come…

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4 thoughts on “August Changes

  1. Beth

    Congratulations on the new job! I’m so happy to hear that you were able to make a career change that fit with your goals.

    On a totally different note, I’m so sorry about Thea. Losing a pet is so hard. (I try to avoid any mention of Sprocket getting old. I can’t even handle it.) I hope you and your little family are weathering the grief together. Hugs.

    1. Laura Post author

      Thanks Beth! The career change has been a good one.

      I was in total denial over Thea’s aging until she turned 10. I figured it meant I only had a few more years with her. I had no idea it would only be one. We’re getting through it, but we miss her every day.

  2. Kam

    It’s so great that you are able to move into an industry that closely fits your interests right now – the students will be there if you decide to go back 🙂

    1. Laura Post author

      It’s nice that I live near campus. I still get to see the students I worked with – I just had lunch with one this weekend actually. And you never know where the future may take me. This was the right move right now.


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