7 Things I Love About Bailey

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Monday was Bailey’s 7th birthday. I can’t believe that it’s already been seven years since Bailey joined our little family.

Bailey and Laura on Kitchen Floor

In honor of the occasion, I thought it would be fun to share seven things that I love about our big girl.

1. Bailey is a gentle giant. Bailey is a big girl, there’s no doubt about that. But she knows it. She was always extra careful when roughhousing with Thea, and she’s still gentle with Naya despite her puppy pestering.

2. Bailey has one of the most expressive dog faces I’ve ever seen. When she’s curious, her face lights up. When she’s confused, you can see the wheels turning. She really does communicate with us with a look.


3. Bailey rarely barks. Thea barked all the time. Naya barks at her own reflection. But it takes extraordinary circumstances for Bailey to bark (or the sight of our neighbor – poor guy). We actually taught Bailey to bark on command, but she’ll only do it if she’s frustrated.

4. Bailey loves to camp with us. From her first camping trip to Devil’s Lake, Bailey has become the best camping companion. She does awesome with us in the tent, she loves hiking, and she’s so content to relax by the fire with us. In short, she’s a perfect camper.

Bailey and Jason at Devil's Lake

5. Bailey has mellowed with age. As a lab, Bailey still acted like a hyper puppy past the supposedly magic age of 3. She has even been known to knock visitors to the house off of their feet. But in the last year, she has really mellowed out. She’s borderline lazy. But the fact that my mom, who isn’t very steady on her feet, can come into the house without us wrangling Bailey, it speaks volumes.

6. Bailey is smart. Despite no formal training classes, Bailey is pretty obedient. She does an excellent job of staying. Somehow, she learned how to “back up” (apparently, this is a challenging command). When she plays fetch, she actually brings her toy back and drops it on the ground in front whomever she’s playing with. It makes the game much more fun.

7. Bailey loved Thea. We never realized just how bonded Thea and Bailey were until Thea was gone. Bailey truly has not been the same dog since Thea died. Bringing Naya into the mix at least jolted Bailey out of a depression, but I can just tell that Bailey misses Thea. We all do.

Thea and Bailey at Top of Stairs

Happy Birthday, Bailey! And to all my friends and followers with beloved dogs in your homes, give your pups a treat from Bailey.

Question of the Week

Do you celebrate your pet’s birthday? If so, how do you celebrate?

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