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My name is Laura. I am 33 years old and I have lived in the great state of Wisconsin for my entire life. Wisconsin is well known for outdoor activities, but a couple of horrible camping trips in my childhood kept me much more of an indoors girl. My husband, Jason, grew up a camper, hiker, and hunter, so I promised to give camping one more try for him. Our first trip, which Jason dubbed my first “real” camping trip, was great and ignited a new passion in outdoor endeavors.

I started First Class Great Outdoors in July 2009 as a means of chronicling my new interest. More importantly, I wanted to show other women (and men) like me that camping can be done in a comfortable and stylish way. I enjoy sharing my camping trips, especially the little lessons and tricks I’ve been learning along the way.

Camping led to hiking, which gets me outdoors more often and connects with my interest in fitness. Being healthy and staying in shape is crucial to engaging in the outdoor activities I have come to enjoy. To that end, I try to eat well and stay active. I love to cook and take full advantage of the wonderful Wisconsin “cuisine.” My fitness interests include running, hiking, barre workouts, pilates, and yoga.

Camping and hiking led to more travelย andย the goal of visiting every national park in the United States. My national parks adventure began with a trip to Yosemite National Park, a vacation that had a profound impact on me. Jason and I have now visited six parks. Only 52 more to go…

Travel led to new goals. Shortly after returning home from that first trip to Yosemite, Jason and I purchased two acres of country land where we will soon be building our dream home. When we build, our hope is for our house to be as “green” as we can make it, both for our health and for the good of the environment.

Camping, hiking, travel, fitness, and green lifestyle – You’ll find it all on my blog.

Feel free to contact me at firstclassgreatoutdoors@gmail.com. I’d love to hear from you!

My Supporting Cast

The people and animals I love are often featured on First Class Great Outdoors. Here’s a little “Who’s Who” guide:

Jason – My husband and best friend!

Jason and I became friends my senior and his junior year of high school. We remained good friend after high school and spent about 8 years as “just friends.” We finally started dating in 2006 and were married on June 6, 2008.

Jason has always had a passion for the great outdoors. He camped a lot when he was younger, and he enjoys hunting, fishing, and sitting by an open fire.

Thea – Our 9-year old coon hound mix. I adopted Thea from the humane society shortly after I started grad school.

Thea is one of a kind. She’s a little crazy, but we love her dearly ๐Ÿ™‚ .

Bailey – Our 5-year old lab, an engagement gift.

Bailey is our goof. She is playful and full of energy. She has become a frequent companion when we hike and camp.

Thank you for visiting First Class Great Outdoors. I hope you enjoy my neck of the woods!

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  1. Lacey

    Hi Laura,

    I really enjoyed reading your website and am going to mark it as a favorite. It’s interesting because we are on similar but opposite paths. I have always been a roughin’ it, outdoorsy type– tent camping in places where the only running water is a creek. Now that we have the baby, though, everything is different. We had a dreadful camping trip this summer at The Apostle Islands. There was no where to set the baby down, no reprieve from the heat or the mosquitoes. It was uncomfortable and we ended up cutting the trip short by two days.
    Now I need to become MORE high maintenance. I need to learn more about camping in comfort and style.
    I’ll be reading along…

    1. Laura Post author

      Hi Lacey!

      Thanks for your comment! I can imagine that Althea changes camping. A good friend of mine has a little guy who is just over a year old, and I know they invested in a larger tent last summer to accommodate their growing family and make their outdoor living a little more comfortable for all. They actually considered the same tent we have because it’s ridiculously spacious for two people ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’m excited to have you reading, and I hope some of my experiences help you as you begin adventuring outdoors with the kiddo!


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