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Taking the Next Step


As I looked back over my blog for my 2010 post recap, I realized how much I’ve grown as a blogger over the past year and how much I’ve come to enjoy this new part of my life. I’ve taken my blogging much more seriously, and I want to take it as far as I can. This realization has prompted me to take the next logical step in my blogging journey: getting my own domain!

Of course, I’m doing this right after sending my blog address info to several of our family and friends in our Christmas cards. I’m smart like that 😉

So now, will become simply Hooray!

If you have my blog linked on your blog or website, first of all, THANK YOU, and second, please update the link with my new address – Also, be sure to update your feeds, Google Reader, etc. with the new address –

I’m really excited for my little blog to grow up. I hope you are, too 🙂

Back "Home"

Identity. It’s such a challenging concept. I think it’s natural for everyone to endure an identity crisis or two (or more) as they get older. I am also finding that it’s natural as a blogger to have a blog go through an identity crisis, too.

I’m back to my original home: I followed my gut and thought seriously about the future of this blog, so I’m happy to return my blog to its original home.

I have discovered some great new blogs recently, and I feel like they’ve given me better ideas for how I want to craft my blog. This is such an important part of starting any blog: read other blogs, find what you like, and craft your version of it. I think you’ll notice some good changes in the coming months (I hope so anyway).

You will also see that I’ve crafted some different sections for my main menu. I’ve broken down “My Travels” into two separate lists: places I have explored and places I want to explore. Under “Begin Your Adventure,” I’ll gather a collection of posts to help any camping newbie, anti-camper, or even experienced camper find enjoyment in their outdoor pursuits. In the “Favorites” section, you will find my favorite posts along with my favorite blogs. Eventually, I’ll add readers’ favorite posts, too. Since I have so many goals for adventuring further into the outdoors and connecting more with nature, I have developed a section where I will track my progress. This is primarily to hold myself accountable and to view my progress – feel free to take a look if you’re interested. Finally, I still have my “Playlist” section, where I will list out songs from my outdoors/camping playlist, and my “About” section (with a little more detail).

Same Name, New Address

I’m a career counselor by trade, so I’ve been doing a lot of reading at work about the trend of personal branding. In an effort to better build my personal brand, I have changed the address of First Class Great Outdoors. You can now keep up with my outdoor adventures at

Additionally, I’ve started a new blog for my dogs (I know, I know…groan). You can read about their posh life at

Hope to connect with you at my new online homes!

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