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My Worst Experience Outdoors: Cave-Camping Is a Bad Idea

As a child, I was a member of one of our local troops of Girl Scouts. Our troop never did much in the outdoors – we were much more of an indoor crew. In the entire time I was a member of my elementary school’s troop, we only went on two camping trips. Both make my list of worst outdoor experiences, but the second and final trip took the big prize.

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Backpacking for Divas 101: Learning

Now that we’re into February – by a few weeks already – it’s time for me to shift gears in my backpacking prep. December and January were focused on Conditioning. February and March are all about Learning.

So what do I have to learn? EVERYTHING! I think it will be helpful to narrow down “everything” into manageable chunks 😀 .

My first pressing question: How do Jason and I fly with our backpacks? Does one use their pack as their sole suitcase, or do you travel with a real suitcase and pack the backpack in it? Sorry, but I’m clueless 😕 .

Scuppernong Trail, 5/22/10

What I can ascertain from some initial research is that you can check the backpack. Apparently, you can buy sacks or duffles specifically designed to protect the pack. Alternatively, airlines provide big plastic bags for packs. The duffle method might support more space options, particularly for souvenirs – I’m bound to come back with a few 😀 .

In your opinion, what do I need to know about traveling with a backpacking pack?

Camping in Comfort: Campsite Cooking

When Jason and I go camping, we like to do a combination of campsite cooking and eating out. Cooking over an open fire enhances the camping experience, but it’s also a time-consuming process. Having a good kitchen set-up makes it much easier.

Our New Camp Kitchen!

My splurge before this year’s Door County trip was a camp kitchen. I have been looking at camp kitchens since my first camping trip with Jason, and now I finally have one!

Leading up to the trip, I had been looking at the REI Camp Kitchen. Unfortunately, it was out of stock at the point when I needed to order it. I started looking at alternatives and found Cabela’s Standard Camp Kitchen. Once I saw it, I already liked it better than the REI option.

With two “pantries,” the Cabela’s Standard Camp Kitchen offers a lot of storage space. The paper towel holder is very convenient. At first, I thought two lantern hooks might be a bit much, but it worked great to use one for a lantern and the other to hang a garbage bag. Finally, what put it over the top was the built-in sink. Sold!

Camp Dining Quarters

Last summer, Jason and I added a screen room to our camping set-up. On our 2009 trip to Door County, I spotted another camper’s site with a screen room set up as a dining room. This year, we pushed the provided picnic table off to the side and set up the camp kitchen, our small table, and two chairs inside the screen room. It made the perfect breakfast and dinner nook.

I’m all about making a campsite feel like home, and adding a camp kitchen is one more piece of that puzzle.

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