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Yes. Yes I did.

Jason and I went to Mecca this weekend – aka REI – and picked up a few things during another one of their big sales. Tops on the list: hydration systems. We have both experienced what a pain in the butt it is to just rely on water bottles when hiking. Lesson learned.

Jason picked up a bladder to use with his huge backpacking pack. Since we will no longer be trekking from camp to camp, I don’t really want to haul my big pack on our shorter hikes. So instead, I bought a Camelback hydration pack, not just a bladder. But I had to make sure it went with my bag ensemble 😉

The front pocket is just big enough for my hiking needs. Plus, it has all sorts of little organizing slots. Love!

I plan on swapping out my side-slung North Face bag on our weekend hikes for the Camelback as well, so it’s not just for our vacation. While I absolutely love the bag and it’s a nice, smaller alternative to my larger daypack, it makes carrying water nearly impossible. At least that’s how I justified it to Jason  😉

Maybe it will make it’s debut this weekend for National Trails Day. You’re planning on getting out this weekend, aren’t you??

Thank you everyone for the well-wishes about my new gig with CampingGearTV, both here on the blog and on Facebook. I’m super excited about it, and I can’t wait to share my thoughts on all the cool gear I’ll be trying!


Matchy Matchy

I have been super excited about my new backpack! We’re three months from our trip…exactly three months today!! (Sorry, I just totally realized that  😀 )

Since neither Jason nor I want to stick our beautiful new packs down in our nasty old basement, they are sitting in our bedroom. Honestly, I have the strongest urge to pack it already. This might be the only time I look forward to packing.

A few friends have been shocked that my backpack wasn’t pink. I’m definitely a little sad that there weren’t any pink packs for adult women  🙁 . But don’t despair! I love the blue, and I’m making the most of it by getting matchy matchy with my carry-on.

I actually ordered this Vera Bradley tote prior to backpack shopping, but I quickly realized it would nicely compliment my new purchase. The plan is to use it as my carry-on for this Yosemite trip. It’s just the size that I really need – just enough space for our travel info, my book, an iPod, and, of course, this…

I picked up a matching Carry It All Wristlet for my phone, ID, and money. It’s a good thing I got both pieces when I did – the pattern isn’t available anymore.

I can’t wait until travel day when I can accessorize properly for the trip. I have priorities, after all  😉 .


Workin' the Outdoors into My Closet

Jason and I hit West Towne Mall in Madison on Saturday before the snowstorm. I had some really good luck finding clothes, a huge improvement over the previous weekend’s shopping trip during which I proceeded to try on pair of pants after pair of pants without any of them fitting. I was a very unhappy shopper, and I love shopping  🙁 .

For the first time ever, I bought clothes at Eddie Bauer. A cute plaid skirt immediately caught my eye. I think it’s great for fall and winter, and it has a certain “outdoorsy” aesthetic.


At Eddie Bauer, I also found this incredible sweater. It’s casual, comfortable, and very “homey.”


We did make a stop at REI. I just intended to browse, but they happened to have some great sales on apparel. I found two North Face henleys just like the grey one I bought before Yosemite (which you can see here and here). I LOVE my grey shirt and was ecstatic to find the same shirt in a couple of other great colors.

It’s hard to see, but the shirt on the right is a dark teal.

I have always been drawn to what I’ll call the “L.L. Bean look,” but I have never really gone there. However, I think I’ve hit a place where this aesthetic is most appealing to me , based both on my new interests and, well, my age  😉 .

What influences your fashion style?

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