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Real Simple Coleslaw

One of my goals for getting into shape and feeling better is to eat “in” more often. In all reality, I really enjoy cooking and I’m not half bad at it. I’m just lazy these days…something I don’t want to be.

This is but one reason why I LOVE Real Simple magazine. I get excited each month my magazine arrives in the mail. And I am completely in love with the two Real Simple apps I have on my phone: Real Simple To-Do Lists and Real Simple-No Time to Cook?

The No Time to Cook? app has some of the easiest recipes ever that also happen to be quite good. My favorite is the Barbecue Chicken Sandwiches made with rotisserie chicken and bottled barbecue sauce.

A very helpful feature of the app is each recipe’s corresponding “Tip.” In the case of the Barbecue Chicken Sandwiches, it’s how to make the sandwich into a meal. And that is where I found the greatest ever recipe for coleslaw!

I am very finicky about coleslaw. In all honesty, I’m not a fan of most restaurants’ recipes. But this recipe is the bomb! Not only is it ridiculously good, it is beyond easy to make.

Real Simple Coleslaw

Toss 4 cups coleslaw mix with 1/4 cup each of sour cream and mayonnaise, 2 tablespoons cider vinegar, salt, and pepper.

It is seriously that easy. And trust me – It’s good! Enjoy!


Super Sunday

I meant to post yesterday, but I was too focused on the Super Bowl. Most years, I’m not very interested in the game. This year, however, it was a big deal because of the Green Bay Packers. They are the only football team other than the Badgers that I care about.

It was a nerve-wracking game, and there were moments when I don’t think any of us in the house were breathing…well, except for Thea and Bailey who really didn’t care.

A little Slow Cooker BBQ Pulled Pork cookin’.

An obscene amount of chex mix for three people.

Three hours of pre-game show was too much for these two.

Let’s get this game started!

Question of the Day
Who is your favorite sports team?

Ultimate New York Body Plan: Day 4

Find your true source of motivation. – David Kirsch

Today’s Meals

I’m going to be honest with you all – today was not a great day. I don’t think that I’m equipped to have only shakes for breakfast AND dinner – the lack of “food” food finally caught up with me today.

My morning started well with…

Lunch was rough…

Students are returning to campus soon, so the students who work with the campus’ Student Entertainment & Awareness League (SEAL) are back for training. All the professional staff in the office were invited to have lunch with the SEAL Team today, and I was very happy to go. Luckily, there was a turkey sandwich option, which I could easily dissect. I did have to call Jason after lunch to have him talk me down from the ledge that was a bag of chips and a chocolate chip cookie. I survived and opted to have another snack size serving of almonds instead 🙂 .

Unfortunately, I forgot to come to work prepared for the small lunch and by mid-afternoon, I was crashing.

Today also happened to be grocery shopping day, and I knew that I would need to be strong for the trip. We don’t buy groceries in Whitewater – we have only one grocery store and not only does their selection stink, but they are ridiculously expensive. Instead, we drive to nearby Delavan to shop at Super Walmart. Of course, there just happens to be a Chili’s right there where we do pre-grocery shopping dinner.

Can you sense where this is going?

Minus one or two wings already

I couldn’t take it anymore. I was weak, tired, and my head hurt. I broke down and we ordered the chips and salsa – which we absolutely love – and I went with what I really wanted: boneless buffalo wings.

My headache went away and I felt much better – not sure if that’s good or bad. One good thing, though: I didn’t eat them all like I usually do.

I don’t feel guilty about dinner. I listened to my body and went with what it “needed.” Do I wish I had chosen something healthier than chicken wings? Yes. Would I have felt even remotely satisfied with a piece of salmon and broccoli instead? No.

Back on the wagon tomorrow, but no more shakes for dinner 🙂 .

Today’s Workouts

Today was not the best workout day either. Jason and I were going to get up early to do a short training run, but I barely got any sleep and just couldn’t muster the motivation to get up. I let myself sleep in just a bit, then got up to tackle my first Legs/Butt Toning Routine.

Other Thoughts on the Day

Clearly, I didn’t follow the plan today. Feeling run-down was my challenge. I’m a little upset that I did look to food to make me feel better, but I did need it. Believe me, it could have been worse. Again, I passed up the cookie and chips at lunch, and I passed up more treats and cookies later in the day.

My legs/butt workout was tough, but I could definitely feel my muscles working. I was a little disappointed in myself for not doing my cardio workout, but Jason and I are planning to get out tomorrow evening for our short run – hopefully after it’s cooled down a little bit.

Going forward, I’m going to pull back a little. No more extreme – shakes for dinner was not a good idea. I learned my lesson, which is part of this process, too 🙂 .

4 Days Down, 10 To Go!

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