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This Old House

Welcome to the joys of old home ownership 😐

It’s no mystery that it has been a rough winter across the country. Now, we’re dealing with below-zero cold weather here in Wisco.

Super cold temps = frozen pipes. Boo 🙁

No water

Not all of the pipes are frozen, just the cold water in our upstairs bathroom. Everything downstairs is good, and the hot water in the upstairs sink is fine.

Unfortunately, a blowtorch to the pipe in our ultra-cold basement and again right under the sink did nothing. Last resort: cut a hole in the wall of our newly finished bathroom to access the pipe there.

Well, the bathroom was done…

Heat it up!

None of this stopped us from going out for fish. But we were in for a surprise there too…

Jason and I were becoming regulars at the Moose Creek Bar & Grille. We made the 30 minute drive over there tonight only to find a completely dark building with a sign on the door. They closed and moved over to their sister restaurant, the Sugar Creek Inn.

Sugar Creek is a much smaller place, and we were crammed in like sardines. The fish wasn’t as good, so I’m not sure what we’ll do next week. We’re back on the hunt for a regular fish fry.

Not all was sad today, though. Here’s what I got to look at during my workout…

What a couple of hams.
Lovey Dovey Dogs

Question of the Day for You Homeowners

What little house hiccups annoy you the most?

Before & After: Bonus Room Renovation

When Jason and I moved into our house four years ago (I can’t believe we’ve been in our house for four years already!), we were greeted with a bonus room – den/bedroom – on our first floor. Our decision on how to use the space: convert the room into a bathroom/laundry room.

There were several factors that went into our decision. First and foremost, we needed a better laundry area. When we moved in, our washer and dryer were located in our basement. Since the house was built in 1900, the basement isn’t the most pleasant of spaces in the house. We’re talking old limestone walls, regular minor flooding, and a steep and narrow staircase to get down there.

The second factor was the lack of a bathroom on the first floor. There was a half-bath on the first floor – just a small room located in the kitchen. I felt that space would be better utilized as a walk-in pantry. But once we made that change, it left the only bathroom in the house Jason’s and my personal bathroom on the second floor. We thought it would be nice to have a guest bathroom on the main floor.

The final decision-maker was the room’s location. While the room could be touted as a third bedroom, we didn’t really know of anyone who would want their bedroom right off the main entry AND dining room (there were two doors into the room). While perfect for a home office, not so great for anyone’s bedroom.

So with those thoughts, the plan of transforming our bonus room into a bathroom/laundry room was born!









P.S. My friend Shaun did note our paint choice’s resemblance to the Tiffany & Co. colors. It must have been something subconscious 😉