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Special Winter Photography

Jason and I ventured out to our country lot this weekend. Jason borrowed a field camera from a buddy, and he wanted to set it up hopefully to catch some photos of deer. We have known that there are a lot of deer roaming around the lot, and the tracks in the snow just confirm it.

I took my camera along to get some of our first winter photos of our land.

Jason blazing a trail for me through the deep snow.

The old white glider covered in snow.

Can you see some of the tracks?

A nice view from the top of our hill.

Winter Oak

Signs of lots of activity.

This “track” really freaked me out – I had visions of a huge snake roaming around the area. Jason tells me it was probably a squirrel. I’ll go with him.

Not a lot out there but snow and branches.

Securing the field camera in place.

Bonus: A little bit of sunshine on a cold winter’s day.

Chainsaw and Gun Troubles

Yesterday was an absolutely perfect Wisconsin autumn day, so Jason and I headed out to our country lot to do some work. Jason somehow managed to cut out several bushes despite chainsaw issues. Slowly but surely, we’re clearing the southern border of the lot.

And the chainsaw trouble begins.
Not Working?

Our growing brush pile.
Growing Pile

First task: To clear the southern border of the lot.
The Border Clears

Still not working.
Still Not Working

Yay! It works!
Getting to Work

…And it stops again.
Broke Again

While Jason worked on the chainsaw, I walked around the property. The deer are still tramping around out there.
Deer Path

Once the chainsaw was back in order, it was time to make some progress. Before…

…And after.

While we had a productive day, I did make a disturbing discovery. During the couple of hours we were out there, we could hear gun shots in the near distance. I am definitely not happy about that for several reasons. Among other concerns, I really don’t want to hear the sounds of guns firing while relaxing on my back porch. Not cool at all 🙁 .

Fall Lot Walk

It had been several weeks since Jason and I were out to our country lot, so we decided to take mid-day trip out there on Friday. First, we wanted to see what we can expect in terms of fall color with our new trees. Second, we wanted to do another search for the one lot marker we have yet to find.

Many of the trees have already shed most of their leaves, and we didn’t find the marker. But we had a nice walk around the property.

One of our many oak trees.
Shedding Oak

The grasses are drying up.

Browning Grass

A lot of the grass around the property has been trampled by deer, including this little path.

Deer Path

While walking through the woods, I came across this lone fallen leaf that had been caught by a branch.

Fallen Leaf Held by a Branch

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