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Telephoto Practice

Last week, when I already had our new camera out taking “signs of spring” photos, I decided to test out our new telephoto lens in the backyard. Our budding pussy willow tree made the ideal subject: too far off the deck to get a good shot with our regular lens and branches that required closer detail. How did I do?

Then there were these two clowns. My vigilant watchdogs.

Photo Contest!!

Notice the punctuation change from my previous photo contest post? I have finally selected the four photos I am going to enter and have the prints sitting right next to me on the desk – Yippee! Here are my winners:

Yosemite Falls from Glacier Point
Yosemite Falls

Future Trees?
Future Trees?

Fern Spring
Fern Spring

Beautiful Bailey
Beautiful Bailey

Bailey is hoping she wins “best of show.”

Thea is upset that I don’t take more pictures of her.


Thank you to everyone who gave me feedback on my potential entries! I appreciated you taking the time to look at the photos, and your comments were very helpful.

Photo Contest??

Spending time outdoors has inspired me to do more with photography. I’ve practiced on camping trips and on hikes, and our land has provided ample opportunities as well.

Now, I’m contemplating taking some of my photos to the masses (well, beyond this blog anyways). The university where I work hosts an annual campus photo contest. I saw the reminder on Monday about entering, and I thought I’d go for it. The deadline is next Wednesday, so I’m down to the wire to make some decisions. I can enter a total of 4 photos, and I’m debating amongst these options:

#1 – Yosemite Valley
Yosemite Valley

#2 – Yosemite Falls
Yosemite Falls

#3 – Future Trees?
Future Trees?

#4 – Fern Spring
Fern Spring

#5 – Yosemite Valley Chapel

#6 – Swirling Waters

#7 – Brown to Blue
Brown to Blue

#8 – Beautiful Bailey
Beautiful Bailey

Here’s where I need YOUR input.¬†Help me choose which pictures to enter into the contest!

Which photo(s) do you like best?
Which one or which four do you think should I enter?

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