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Project Life Tuesday: Week Four

I missed uploading week three’s Project Life pictures, but here’s a look at this past week in the Jacobs’ household:

January 25 - The view as I was sitting at my desk.

January 26 - Bailey's moose, Martie, on the living room floor. He's just one of many toys usually strewn around the house.

January 27 - Thea often uses Bailey as a headrest. These two are best buddies, whether they want to admit it or not.

January 28 - My Project Life kit arrived today! I couldn't resist tearing it open and starting to put it together.

January 29 - The moon was incredible this evening.

January 30 - At about 5:00pm every Saturday, Bailey starts her "Jason watch."

January 31 - Despite the cold, a beautiful end to January.

More of My Project Life 2010:

My Project Life Tuesday: Week Two

Here are my pictures from the week of January 11. I didn’t get one each day – I have to get into the habit of using my camera more.

Jan 11 - Bailey getting

Jan 12 - Splurged on Chinese tonight. Pretty decent fortume.

Jan 14 - Four years ago today, my dad had a massive stroke. Two weeks later, my dad would die. While I think about him every day, it's a little more present for me on this day.

Jan 15 - The stash I amassed on a stop at Delavan's Memories from the Heart, a nice little scrapbook store that I need to frequent more often.

Jan 17 - Jason and I broke out the slow cooker to make some stew. The perfect winter meal.

Project Life Series:

Taking Scrapbooking to a New Level

Last time, I wrote about taking on Project Life, a scrapbooking project through which I chronicle a year in the life of the Jacobs’ family. I think that project will help boost my creativity, but I want to do more. While I’ve liked the scrapbook layouts I’ve already created, I want to take my hobby to a higher level.

I’m now taking on a couple more scrapbooking challenges. The first is the Patterned Paper Every Which Way class from Two Peas in a Bucket. I completed the January lesson this weekend. The challenge was to use cut-out patterns from the paper as embelishments. Here is my project:

I have also signed up for Big Picture Scrapbooking’s basic introductory class Start Here, with Stacey. I haven’t started any of the projects yet, but I plan to this upcoming weekend.

Jason’s excited about my new creative outlet. He’s looking forward to seeing my work progress. I’m excited for him to be able to put more time into his creative outlet, woodworking. Then I can scrap pictures of his creations!

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