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We Interrupt the Vacation Recap for a Very Special Birthday

Somebody is celebrating a very big birthday tomorrow – Thea is turning 10!

10 Years Old

As an extra special treat for this important birthday, Thea got to go shopping for treats and toys.

Let’s go shopping!
Let's Go Shopping!

Hitting the Petco treat bar.
Petco Treat Bar

Browsing the toy selection at Mounds.
Toy Shopping

Such a happy girl!
Happy Shopper

Shopping was a success!
Toy Shopping Was a Success

It was so wonderful to see Thea have such a good time shopping. She was in hound heaven sniffing all over. She was such a good girl and attracted lots of attention from other shoppers.

I want to make life extra special for my girl. I know dogs, so I’m aware that we only have a handful of years left with Thea. It’s the thing I struggle with when it comes to my babies’ birthdays – I’m excited to celebrate another year with them, but I know it brings us closer to the time when we have to say goodbye.

Sorry for diverting to the morbid. But Thea and Bailey are both “once in a lifetime” dogs to me. I know my time with them is precious, but that thought can get lost in the hurry of everyday life. Birthdays are an important reminder to cherish every moment with my girls.

Me and My Girl

Happy Birthday Thea!

Don’t Forget About Me

Peek-a-Boo Bailey

After Thea got her picture taken two weeks ago, I didn’t want to leave Bailey out. Just like her sister, though, she had to be a little stinker when the camera appeared.

Bailey is a fan of laying down in the kitchen. She does this a lot during the summer, because our kitchen is always a bit cooler than other rooms and the chilled floor must feel good.

Tonight, she plops down in her usual spot (above), and I think to myself that I could get a neat photo of her. With camera in hand, I start to lay down on the floor myself and BAM – she’s up. It took a couple minutes of┬ácajoling┬áto get her back in place. Four shots and I captured this picture.