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2012 Nicolet Bay 5K Recap

Jason and I are back from our weekend in Door County. We headed north to run the Nicolet Bay 5K, part of the Door County Half Marathon event. We ran it last year, and this was our first race since last year’s event. However, I have been back outside running for the last two months.

My goal for Saturday was simple – beat last year’s time. I wanted to PR.

I have been feeling really good during the course of my training. I followed Hal Higdon’s 5K Novice training plan, which got me right back to running after the winter off. Right from the start, my natural pace was faster. When I stopped running in late fall, I was running at about a 10:30 pace. During training for this race, I was right around a 10:00 pace, often slipping under 10:00. I was pumped to run this race.

Weather-wise, Saturday did not look promising at first. We woke up to drizzle and a cold wind. Since we took a shuttle bus into the park (Peninsula State Park, our fave!), we had to be there early. We probably arrived at the runners concourse around 9:00am. The 5K didn’t start until 10:35am. So we kept ourselves moving to stay as warm as possible.

Summer Wants to Be Here

Dreary Start to the Day

All smiles beforehand
Ready to Run

Fortunately, getting into the park so early and wanting to stay warm meant a long time to warm up my muscles. We walked the path along the bay a couple of times. On our last loop, the sun finally started to peek out. Yay!

When the race started, I spent the first half mile passing runner after runner. I kept my pace in check – actually, I was running quite a bit slower than usual – so I wasn’t wasting too much energy getting around people. I thought I had lost Jason early on, but he kept up with me as I weaved around other runners.

Once again, the one-mile mark seemed to take forever to reach. The race route goes up to the park’s nature center and hangs a right. At that point, it feels like you should be at one mile. But no. It’s only like half a mile at this point. Tricked us again.

Jason stuck with me until about the 1.25-mile mark. I glanced back just enough to see his tired, pained face. Jason had only run twice with me back in March, so he knew he wasn’t prepared for a complete 3.1-mile run. He didn’t walk for long, and only took two more walk breaks. He finished about three minutes behind me.

After Jason broke away, I approached the only hill on our route. I killed it on that hill! Without even trying, I blazed past two women who I had been keeping pace with. I had no idea where that energy came from.

The sun did come out just as the race started, and by the time I hit the two-mile mark, I was definitely heated up. I tried to space out my cooling strategy (if you could call it that). I waited until the one-mile mark to roll up my long sleeves. At the two-mile mark, I unzipped my half zip (don’t worry – I had another t-shirt layered underneath   😉 ). At the three-mile mark…there was nothing more I could do.

I really pushed myself in the final 1/3-mile. And once I saw the finish line, I gave it all I had. I just focused on the race clock at the finish line and ran. My race time – 30:33 (a 9:50 pace).

I battled the crowd to get at something to drink (not a crowd trying to get at drinks, but more of a spectator crowd – seriously people, get out of the way!) and headed off to our designated meeting spot. I felt like crap for about a minute. By the time I reached our tree and started stretching, I felt fine. Jason and I grabbed more to drink along with a snack – Peanut Butter Cookies with Reeses Pieces – got our results, and headed back to the hotel.

I achieved my goal. I bested my time from last year by 1:58. To celebrate, I got myself a little gift: a bracelet with a Door County 5K charm.

PR Gift

2012 Nicolet Bay 5K Results

  • Time – 30:33
  • Pace – 9:50
  • Overall Place – 164/479
  • Division Place (Female 30-34) – 15/51
  • Female Place – 75/315

5K in May

Staying true to my first round of goals for 2012, I have signed up for my first 5K race of the year. Once again, Jason and I will be running the Nicolet Bay 5K, part of the Door County Half Marathon event. We ran it last year and really enjoyed it. I’m excited to participate again this year and, of course, to visit Door County.

Awesome Finish

I start training this week. Because I’m a bit of a pansy, I move my workouts indoors at the first snow. I have an elliptical and plenty of fitness DVDs to keep my busy, but nothing beats running and walking outside.

I will be following Hal Higdon’s 5K Novice Program again. My last time out running was December 10th. So while I would love to challenge myself with this race, I’m not interested in overdoing it after my winter break. My training schedule looks like this:

As always, I’ll be tracking my training on dailymile.

Nicolet Bay 5K Recap

Jason and I are back home after an incredibly beautiful weekend in Door County. The whole reason for the trip was to run in the Nicolet Bay 5K, part of the Door County Half Marathon event.

The weather was perfect! After weeks of rain and cold, the sun was a very welcome site. The breeze off the lake was a little chilly, but the sun warmed us up.

Perfect Day for a Run

Jason and I parked at the local school and rode the shuttle into Peninsula State Park. We heeded the suggestion to arrive as early as possible, so we were in the park by 8:30am…even though we didn’t run until 10:30am. We took advantage of the downtime by warming up really well. We walked a few laps around the campground before heading to the race starting line.


As the race started, Jason and I let the majority of the crowd to get through the gate before taking off ourselves, avoiding the heavy initial crowding. I felt great right from the get-go, which was very unusual for me. Normally, I feel sluggish for the first mile. Maybe it was the adrenaline or maybe it was the ample warm-up, but I just went with it. Jason stuck with me throughout, even though I thought I might lose him during one of my passing sprees. We wound up passing A LOT of people, which definitely gave me more motivation to have a great run.

I glanced at my Garmin every couple of minutes to check my pace. Wow! We were clipping along pretty fast at a few points. We’re talking a sub-10 minute/sub-9 minute pace. It was crazy! We slowed up when we hit the worst hill of the route – which wasn’t even that bad – around the halfway point. From there, it was all downhill.

We hit a nasty bug field just before the 3-mile mark. It was gross  😛 . The last half-mile was the roughest. It felt like the finish line was never going to come. I just had to keep pushing myself – there was no way I was stopping at that point. In the end, I achieved my goal: To run the entire 3.1 miles.

Ultimately, I did darn a good job:

  • Time – 32:31
  • Pace – 10:28
  • Overall Place – 196/485
  • Division Place (Female 30-34) – 21/42
  • Gender Place – 105/331

Looking and feeling good after the race.
Awesome Finish

Now that training for this race is over, the focus moves to training for our High Sierra loop hike. Bring it!

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