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Matchy Matchy

I have been super excited about my new backpack! We’re three months from our trip…exactly three months today!! (Sorry, I just totally realized that  😀 )

Since neither Jason nor I want to stick our beautiful new packs down in our nasty old basement, they are sitting in our bedroom. Honestly, I have the strongest urge to pack it already. This might be the only time I look forward to packing.

A few friends have been shocked that my backpack wasn’t pink. I’m definitely a little sad that there weren’t any pink packs for adult women  🙁 . But don’t despair! I love the blue, and I’m making the most of it by getting matchy matchy with my carry-on.

I actually ordered this Vera Bradley tote prior to backpack shopping, but I quickly realized it would nicely compliment my new purchase. The plan is to use it as my carry-on for this Yosemite trip. It’s just the size that I really need – just enough space for our travel info, my book, an iPod, and, of course, this…

I picked up a matching Carry It All Wristlet for my phone, ID, and money. It’s a good thing I got both pieces when I did – the pattern isn’t available anymore.

I can’t wait until travel day when I can accessorize properly for the trip. I have priorities, after all  😉 .


Rain, Rain, Go Away

Last week was a stormy one in Wisconsin. Due to the rain throughout the week AND a heavy thunderstorm rolling through Sunday morning, our regular Sunday hike was a no-go.

Ever since our Adventure Hike up the Mist Trail at Yosemite, I’ve been thinking more about rain gear. Frankly, the windbreaker that I took on vacation couldn’t handle the drenching of the Mist Trail.

Jason and I have also faced rain – albeit it mostly light – on a couple of our camping trips. I now realize that I need to be better prepared for rainy weather, especially if I’m going to take on backpacking.

Of course, my rain gear has to be stylish. No ponchos here!

I saw this rain jacket at one of the shops in Yosemite, but I knew at that point that I had no more room in my luggage to get it home with me. However, I have now found it online!

I never really thought about rain pants, but they make a lot of sense. I particularly like these full-zip pants. If I’m thinking ahead to backpacking, the full-zip makes it super convenient to take the pants off and put them back on without having to remove my boots. Kinda cool.

Speaking of boots, I do own these boots. I saw them a couple of years ago, fell in love with them, bought them (knowing how wet our backyard can get with a regularly flooding creek)…and have yet to wear them. Ooops! Now, I’m pretty pumped that I have them – I’ll transition them to my camping wardrobe!

While I love my cute military-style cap, I found it didn’t handle wet very well. A sporty, moisture-shedding cap like this one would be a good addition.

What rain gear am I missing? What wet weather essentials do you pack for your outdoor adventures?

I Might Love My Coach Purses, But…

I have quite the Coach collection. I’m a little ashamed to admit that I’m a Coach snob…well, no I’m not. However, for as much as I’m obsessed with my Coach accessories, none of them are going anywhere near the cliffs of the Yosemite Valley.

I found the Calyx Classic bag from The North Face and felt it would be a great “purse” for my outdoors trips.

It’s a little bigger than the Manhattan Portage bag I have been using. I love the solid gray so that it can go with a variety of outfits, and it still has the touch of pink that I love. (It’s hard to see in this photo, but the stitching on the bag is pink.)

Yet one more gray/pink piece…I swear, I never intended to be so matchy-matchy.

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