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Matchy Matchy

I have been super excited about my new backpack! We’re three months from our trip…exactly three months today!! (Sorry, I just totally realized that  😀 )

Since neither Jason nor I want to stick our beautiful new packs down in our nasty old basement, they are sitting in our bedroom. Honestly, I have the strongest urge to pack it already. This might be the only time I look forward to packing.

A few friends have been shocked that my backpack wasn’t pink. I’m definitely a little sad that there weren’t any pink packs for adult women  🙁 . But don’t despair! I love the blue, and I’m making the most of it by getting matchy matchy with my carry-on.

I actually ordered this Vera Bradley tote prior to backpack shopping, but I quickly realized it would nicely compliment my new purchase. The plan is to use it as my carry-on for this Yosemite trip. It’s just the size that I really need – just enough space for our travel info, my book, an iPod, and, of course, this…

I picked up a matching Carry It All Wristlet for my phone, ID, and money. It’s a good thing I got both pieces when I did – the pattern isn’t available anymore.

I can’t wait until travel day when I can accessorize properly for the trip. I have priorities, after all  😉 .


Feelin’ the Love

My Monday started with a small rant on Twitter:

[blackbirdpie id=”52444351942508545″]


Where did it come from? Well, there were two sources. First, about a month ago, I shared a link over Twitter from Glamping Girl about an amazing glamping resort near the Great Smokey Mountains. Well, a random on Twitter didn’t think so. I was scolded for my desire to “glamp” and was told it was “time to embrace the dirt.” Ok  😕

The second kick came via Facebook. Jason and I had just been to the travel agent to get our flight booked to California in July. Since this pretty much immediately followed our big purchases at REI, I shared on Facebook that this had officially become the most expensive camping trip ever. Keep in mind that I tend to be a little sarcastic and snarky, and that’s all I meant to convey. Of course, an old high school acquaintance felt compelled to tell me that I should “quit now and go 100% native.” Thanks for the unsolicited, judgmental advice  😡

To my great joy and, dare I say, surprise, I had a wonderful outpouring of support from some of my fellow outdoorsy Tweeters. And then came this…

Daily Inspiration #16

Today’s inspiration is courtesy of Laura…

Read the full post on The GearCaster!

I was so flattered and touched. It brought a much needed smile to my face.

Remember, people, it’s all about getting outdoors and enjoying nature…in whatever manner and style works for you  🙂


Bear Aware

When I think ahead to hiking through the high country of Yosemite, I realize that I need to be more prepared for animal encounters. We saw plenty of animals last summer, to be sure: lots and lots of deer, several bears (including one super close up), and a random coyote.



Our First Bear!

I’m well aware of the animals living in Yosemite, and I know how to deal with encounters with most of them. But I’d be remiss if I didn’t do a little review. Let’s look at black bears.

First of all, many black bears in the Sierra Nevada are brown in color…but they are not brown bears, aka grizzly bears. No way am I going into the thick of grizzly country 😯 .

  • I cannot hike alone. While Jason and I are doing a guided hike, this doesn’t mean that we’ll be walking with our group the whole time. I feel safe with Jason, but we still need to remain alert. And I need to resist any urge I might have to wander ahead or lag behind him.
  • If we encounter a bear that’s just doing its own thing, there’s no need to scare it or ourselves. Give the bear space and the right of way.
  • If we feel threatened by a bear, we should make ourselves appear as big as possible – kind of opposite of my goal to slim down  😉 . In reality, it means raising our arms and possibly even our packs above our heads. Additionally, we should make noise – shout, bang metal objects, etc.
  • If things turn nasty serious, we need to fight back aggressively  😯 . Running away would just encourage it to chase us, and that’s a race we would not win.

The other bear issue we need to plan for: food/scented item storage. While there are bear boxes available at the camps, we are still encouraged to carry bear resistant canisters. Add another item to our shopping list. Which reminds me, we still need to find our bear bells…


Question of the Day
Have you ever camped/backpacked in bear country? What kind of experience did you have?

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