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Feelin’ the Love

My Monday started with a small rant on Twitter:

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Where did it come from? Well, there were two sources. First, about a month ago, I shared a link over Twitter from Glamping Girl about an amazing glamping resort near the Great Smokey Mountains. Well, a random on Twitter didn’t think so. I was scolded for my desire to “glamp” and was told it was “time to embrace the dirt.” Ok  😕

The second kick came via Facebook. Jason and I had just been to the travel agent to get our flight booked to California in July. Since this pretty much immediately followed our big purchases at REI, I shared on Facebook that this had officially become the most expensive camping trip ever. Keep in mind that I tend to be a little sarcastic and snarky, and that’s all I meant to convey. Of course, an old high school acquaintance felt compelled to tell me that I should “quit now and go 100% native.” Thanks for the unsolicited, judgmental advice  😡

To my great joy and, dare I say, surprise, I had a wonderful outpouring of support from some of my fellow outdoorsy Tweeters. And then came this…

Daily Inspiration #16

Today’s inspiration is courtesy of Laura…

Read the full post on The GearCaster!

I was so flattered and touched. It brought a much needed smile to my face.

Remember, people, it’s all about getting outdoors and enjoying nature…in whatever manner and style works for you  🙂


Camping in Comfort: Campsite Cooking

When Jason and I go camping, we like to do a combination of campsite cooking and eating out. Cooking over an open fire enhances the camping experience, but it’s also a time-consuming process. Having a good kitchen set-up makes it much easier.

Our New Camp Kitchen!

My splurge before this year’s Door County trip was a camp kitchen. I have been looking at camp kitchens since my first camping trip with Jason, and now I finally have one!

Leading up to the trip, I had been looking at the REI Camp Kitchen. Unfortunately, it was out of stock at the point when I needed to order it. I started looking at alternatives and found Cabela’s Standard Camp Kitchen. Once I saw it, I already liked it better than the REI option.

With two “pantries,” the Cabela’s Standard Camp Kitchen offers a lot of storage space. The paper towel holder is very convenient. At first, I thought two lantern hooks might be a bit much, but it worked great to use one for a lantern and the other to hang a garbage bag. Finally, what put it over the top was the built-in sink. Sold!

Camp Dining Quarters

Last summer, Jason and I added a screen room to our camping set-up. On our 2009 trip to Door County, I spotted another camper’s site with a screen room set up as a dining room. This year, we pushed the provided picnic table off to the side and set up the camp kitchen, our small table, and two chairs inside the screen room. It made the perfect breakfast and dinner nook.

I’m all about making a campsite feel like home, and adding a camp kitchen is one more piece of that puzzle.

Camping in Comfort: No Mo' 'Squitos

Our backyard is bordered by a small creek. And our entire backyard lies in a flood plain. With a moderate amount of rain, the creek floods our backyard. What are we left with once the waters recede? Mosquitos. Great 🙁

Mosquitos can quickly ruin our enjoyment of our backyard, but we can escape indoors to avoid them. Not the case when we camp. We must take measures to combat mosquitos when camping during the summer.

First Essential: Mosquito Repellent

Of course, there is the traditional spray. I will admit, I hate the feel of mosquito repellent spray on my skin. But based on the size of some of the bites I have gotten from my last few outdoors outings, I’ll deal.

You can now find lotions and wipes. I’ve tried the wipes and while they were effective, they still left my skin with the sticky feeling that sprays do. I haven’t tried a repellent lotion, but I might have to.

Consumer Reports lists its four best reviewed mosquito repellents:

I know that there is a lot of debate on the safety of DEET-based repellents, but, from all that I have read, they do tend to be more effective at keeping bugs at bay.

Now keep in mind, I am not a parent (of human children, anyway), and I realize that DEET-based products should not be used on small children. This is not something I need to worry about for my family’s outings, so keep that in mind.

Second Essential: Citronella Candles (and lots of them)

To really declare war on mosquitos, combine your repellent application with encircling your campsite with citronella candles. Jason and I usually take 3-4 candles with us: we place two in our screened canopy (where we eat and do other food prep) and place one near our fireside chairs.

Progress Update

I am now on Day 3 of the Ultimate New York Body Plan. I felt great today – not so much yesterday. I knew that the first couple of days could be rough as my body was basically detoxing. If getting rid of the sugars and other nasty stuff in my body felt that bad, I can’t imagine what it would feel like detoxing from drugs. Yikes!

One nice element of the program: lots of upper back work. I need to build that strength for backpacking. As it is now, I struggle with my daypack after only an hour 🙁

I’m making nice progress towards my goal, my motivation is still high. Bring it!

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