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Christmas Moments

I hope you enjoyed Christmas with your loved ones. Jason and I had a (mostly) nice holiday. Celebrating Christmas three times is always a bit much for me. As an only child with a very small immediate family, I grew up celebrating one time, Christmas Day itself, in my own home.

Christmas Eve eve was spent with Jason’s dad. Christmas Day was spent with Jason’s mom. Christmas Eve was our at-home celebration with my mom and grandma. We fixed a huge meal for just four people – maple-glazed ham, hash brown casserole, garlic mushrooms, scalloped carrots, watergate salad, and biscuits. To top it off, Jason made mint oreo truffles. We have a lot of yummy leftovers.

Whenever we host guests at our house, Thea and Bailey make themselves the center of attention. Christmas is no different.

Thea becomes overly affectionate towards guests, in this case my mom.

Bailey was just content to lounge.

Gift-wise, Jason and I did very well. The highlight of the gifts I received was snowshoes. I have been asking for snowshoes for a few years, because I really want to try the sport. Now, I have a pair of very pretty snowshoes in their own case with coordinating poles. All I need is some snow, which we are still without in Southern Wisconsin.

One of the gifts I gave to Jason was a set of chess pieces for the board he and his dad made years ago. It is a beautiful board that I have made the centerpiece on our dining room table, so it’s wonderful to have the pieces to make it a functioning game. Jason is teaching me to play. I’m not doing too badly, but I have yet to win.

It has been a nice and relaxing way to spend our evenings, making for the perfect end to a very hectic year.

Happy Holidays 2011

With the holidays upon us, I reflect on what the year has given us. Jason and I feel blessed to to have done all of the things we have done this past year. We are so fortunate to share our lives with wonderful family and friends. We are grateful for all that we have worked for and are excited for another year of making our dreams come true.

Wishing you Happy Holidays from Wisconsin!

Spoiled Puppies

I was a holiday bum this past weekend, and it was fabulous! Well, I guess I wasn’t really a complete bum. Jason and I had my mom and grandma over for Christmas Eve dinner, and I must say that the meal I made was amazing. It made me realize that I really should cook more often 😕 .

It was too late when I thought of taking a picture of dinner, so I captured the clean aftermath instead.

Thea and Bailey made out like bandits this Christmas. And to top it off, they acted like giddy children as we “helped” them open their many presents. See, who needs a “real” kid?

Thea with her new pig.

An exhausted Jordan with his new buddy, my Grandma.

Bailey with her bison.

I would love to get a third dog, particularly a daschund. So Jason got me my third dog for Christmas. Isn’t he sweet? 😛

Team Jacobs down for the count.

Christmas morning, Jason made us holiday pancakes. And I finally remembered to use one of my Christmas mugs, which I had forgotten about all season – Oops!

Reindeer pancake.

Love Love Love my Pottery Barn Rudolph dishes!

After breakfast, we cleaned up and headed over to Jason’s mom’s for presents and lunch. We spent the evening lounging around the house.

Despite fewer presents this year, Jason and I had a lovely Christmas. I hope you and your family did as well.

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