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Road Trip to DC: Primanti Brothers

Rewind from the last post

So, our road trip to DC began on a Friday afternoon. We left home around 3:00pm…which put us in Chicago by 4:30pm. As you can imagine, we ran into just a little bit of traffic. We knew it was not an ideal time to hit the Chicago area, but it couldn’t be helped. Unfortunately, it did slow us down and put in doubt our ability to get to Pittsburgh, PA before we stopped. Luckily, Jason was feeling good and we managed to make it to Pittsburgh by midnight. We had very important plans for the next day in Pittsburgh: a visit to Primanti Brothers.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I would refer you to a wonderful little show called Man v Food. Host Adam Richman visited Primanti Brothers for one of their famous sandwiches, and Jason and I have been obsessed with it ever since. Honestly, a big motivating factor in the decision to drive to DC was the chance to stop at Primanti Brothers.

The sandwiches at Primanti Brothers are a complete meal in between two pieces of bread. You have your meat and cheese topped with fresh cut french fries and coleslaw. Oh, and a tomato. It sounds good, it looked good on TV, and it was incredible in person.

I had the Corned Beef & Cheese.

So. Good.

First, the corned beef was some of the best I have ever had. It was some serious meat. As a french fry connoisseur, I can say that the fries were terrific. Then you have the coleslaw. Now, I happen to prefer oil & vinegar coleslaw over the creamy version, so this was right up my alley. It was perfect. I kind of wanted to get a side order of it, too.

Primanti Brothers is only the first of the Man v Food featured restaurants we want and intend to visit. What an great way to kick off that quest!

Keeping a Secret

There is a little something I’ve been hiding from my blog…

I am finally on track with losing some weight.

Back in January, I set some goals for this year. For the record, I bombed on every one of them  🙁  The one that I had the highest hopes for was losing 20 pounds by June. I basically didn’t lose anything between January and June. I was very disappointed in myself.

The disappointment hit its peak during our summer vacation. Jason and I were trudging up the most challenging stretch on our Lembert Dome hike. I was getting very frustrated with the effort it was taking me to hike that first mile. Even though a lot of it had to do with the altitude, I couldn’t help but feel that my weight and mediocre physical fitness played a role.

Lembert Dome

I did not feel good about myself.

Now when I say my weight was a problem, it was just that my weight was out of the ideal zone based on my height. My healthy range is between 116 and 157 pounds. Of course, 116 is totally absurd. But when I was feeling my very best, I was around 135 pounds. Since 2010, I had been tipping the scale at around 165 pounds. Not completely horrible, but definitely overweight.

That hike did not escape my memory when we returned home. I set out to get with it and lose that weight. And I did just that. Since August, I am down 7 pounds.

The last couple of months have been difficult. I’ve gone down a couple more pounds, back up a pound, then up another pound, and back down again. I’ve been skipping workouts, and stress has led to some not so good dinner choices…and maybe a little popcorn at work (we’re talking movie-style popcorn 😐 ).

I had been feeling so incredible, and I am sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. Ultimately, my goal is to get down to 140 pounds. I am going to make it happen for my health and for my happiness. Of course, it’s more than just hitting a certain number. I want to be conditioned to do all the things I want to do these days – hiking, snowshoeing, running, etc.

When you stop to think about it, physical fitness and overall health play a big part in outdoor activities. Most of the blogs I read are healthy living blogs, and I’ve often seen their focus and purpose as very different from mine. The truth is that there shouldn’t be a big difference. To do the things we want to do outdoors, we need to be conditioned for it. And taking care of ourselves in a way that is also good for the earth connects with many healthy living principles.

I feel like I’m getting to a good place with how I’m treating my body, from working out to eating right. Getting there is half the battle.

What Can We Cram Into a Weekend?

Jason and I are pretty smart travelers. We’ve never forgotten anything major and we’re often fully prepared for the journey ahead. However, Jason and I are rather dumb pre-travelers. We do a stellar job of leaving ourselves with an insane amount to do in the days just before we leave on big trips.

I must commend us this time around, though. Instead of leaving everything for the day before we leave like usual, we’re trying to crank through as much as possible two days before. Progress  🙂

Friday night, we headed out for fish with the Brother-In-Law, Jeremy, and Jason’s grandpa Don. We went to what is fast becoming a regular dining choice for our family: The Main Street Family Restaurant in fancy, schmancy Palmyra, WI. We’re living large here, people  😉

Jason and I don’t frequent this diner for dinner, but we are huge fans of their breakfast. (And we satisfied that breakfast craving the very next morning  🙂 ) Friday night, it was all about fish.

Seriously, I need a better point-and-shoot camera for my dining adventures.

I enjoyed their three-piece breaded cod as did Jason. Jeremy and Grandpa had the beer battered cod. They also offered baked, but apparently only in limited quantities. They served the last of it to a table nearby. Each entree came with salad or soup, bread, and coleslaw.

Our only real complaint was the service. Jeremy and Grandpa being regulars, they know who the good waitresses are…and we did not get one. We waited an unacceptably long time for our soups and salads, refills were sparse, and the attitude was not appreciated. It’s not a make-or-break for us, since we know that most of the other ladies are really nice.

As for their breakfasts, they are AMAZING! I always get the vegetarian skillet, which is super yummy. Jason gets their ham & cheese omelets, and he absolutely LOVES their hash browns compared to anywhere else he’s been. If you like good diner breakfasts, you must stop here.


After breakfast on Saturday, Jason and I ran to the nearby Columbia outlet in search of some more vacation clothes. I scored some good deals and brought home a few new tops and, very excitedly, two pairs of shorts! I can never find shorts that fit me well, so it was a pretty big deal.

When we got back into town, we headed over to a wedding reception for our neighbors who got married in Las Vegas a couple months ago (Congratulations again Tommy and Laura!!). Then it was back home to get some stuff done before heading out for dinner. We picked up a couple of pizzas and drove out to the lake for dinner with Luke and Amy and their awesome 16-month old twins. They are seriously the cutest kids ever  🙂  They almost make me want one of my own, but…well, not really  😉

Today, we have been plowing through laundry like crazy. We broke for lunch at Jason’s dad’s place. As much as I didn’t want to face the mound of to-dos waiting for us at home, I really didn’t want to sit out in the sweltering heat any longer (it feels close to 100° out there  😯 ). When we got home, I wrote my weekly post for StudentBranding.com. And after this, I’m prepping some Yosemite 2010 recap posts for this week followed by completing that Yosemite 2010 scrapbook once and for all (no, I’m not done yet  😳 ). Then, packing. Sounds like a good time…


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