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Welcome 2012!

In keeping with the spirit of the new year, I am thinking about what I hope to achieve in 2012. I see the beginning of a new year  as the perfect time to set some new goals and maybe a resolution or two (there’s a difference).

This time last year, I set four goals for 2011. I didn’t achieve a darn one of them.

  • Write at least three posts a week –> Some weeks I did awesome, most weeks I completely failed.
  • Lose 20 pounds by June 1 –> Considering that, as of right now, I’m only 8 pounds down from my January 2011 starting weight, I’d say I pretty much blew my timeframe.
  • Complete at least two 5K races (all running, no walking) –> Ok, I’ll give myself a break on this one. I did complete one 5K last year and ran the whole thing. I intended to run The North Face Endurance Challenge 5K again this fall, knowing I would/could run the whole thing, but had to pass on it after a minor medical procedure. So close.
  • Complete a backpacking trip –> Ouch! I completely forgot that this was one of the goals on my list. What seemed like a sure thing back in January came to a swift end in May. Probably out of everything I wanted to accomplish in 2011, this was the thing I wanted the most. No Yosemite High Sierra Camp lottery for us this year. To make quicker progress on our dream home, we plan on sticking close to Wisconsin for our summer trips the next few years. We’ll definitely try for the camps again, though. And in the meantime, we’re weighing our backpacking options closer to home. This goal hasn’t gone away…

I’m disappointed that 2011 was such a bust, both in terms of my goals and as an all-around year. To be honest, I don’t know if 2011 ever stood a chance. It kicked off with the 5th anniversary of my dad’s death. The cancellation of our Yosemite High Sierra trip was a huge punch in the gut – I was SO excited for it – and the disappointment definitely carried into our revamped vacation.

Making matters worse, I found that I started to care too much about my day job. Let me explain, because that statement just sounds bad.

I care about my job. I’m very fortunate to have the job I have, and I enjoy the work I do. I get to work with some amazing students and some amazing co-workers. But nothing is perfect, and there are plenty of things that severely bother me on a daily basis. Hence my problem – I have cared so much that I have allowed the little (well, and some big) problems to dominate my days. It has brought me to a bad place, one that I want to leave behind in 2012.

So, it’s a new year. And it’s going to be a good year. Because I say so. So there.

Instead of setting goals for the entire year at this time, I have decided to cut the year into thirds-of-sorts. So, my goals for January through May are…

  • Run a 5K
  • Complete my Yosemite 2010 scrapbook 😐

In addition to the goals I will set three times this year, I’ve decided on one over-arching resolution. Given it’s nature, it also fits nicely with the One Little Word I’ve learned about from Kam of Campfire Chic.

Be Present

Being present is another thing I have failed at lately. Where do I even begin… Technology consumes too much of my time. I live too much of my life ruminating about the past. I spend too much time worrying about what I don’t have instead of appreciating what I do have. I want to take steps to be present, to live in the here and now. 2012 seems like a good year for it.

So there you go. Two goals and a resolution to kick off the new year.

What do you hope to accomplish this year?

My Version of Work/Life Balance


For those who don’t know, I work in higher education – student affairs to be exact. I am often asked if I get the summer off. That would be a “no.”

Office Sweet Office

Still, summer flies by ridiculously fast in our university world. July isn’t even over yet, and it already feels like the fall semester is upon us 🙁 .

Before the school year kicks into high gear, my co-workers and I have been asked to develop individual learning plans for the upcoming year. This is the first time that we will be making intentionality the basis for our yearly professional development plans. It’s very refreshing and kind of exciting 🙂 .

Right now, I’m thinking through two items that are part of this exercise:

  1. What skills, knowledge, and competencies do I need to bolster to be the learner and professional I desire to be?
  2. What are 3-4 learning goals I will establish for myself in the coming year?

Good questions 😉 . Seriously, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to this. Setting (and actually achieving) personal goals and living intentionally have become strong desires since my big Yosemite trip, and I want to connect the personal with the professional as I move forward into the coming year.

Personal & Professional Wellness

To be the kind of professional and person that I desire to be, I need to bolster my health and wellness. (Is that a skill, knowledge, competency, or something else…?) I’ve already written about my desire to take on the challenge of a backpacking trip, and I know that one of the beginning steps in preparing for this is to get in shape and stay in shape.

So I’ve decided to make health and wellness a priority in both the work and home realms of my life. And for the next week and a half, sleep – good, restful, energy-restoring sleep – is my focus. To get there, I’m using tips from Zen Habits’ guide to becoming an early riser.

After tracking it for a week, I’ve established that 7:10 am has been my current “get out of bed” time – not exactly where I want it to be 🙁 . Starting tomorrow, I’m pushing this back approximately 15 minutes to 7:00 am. After a few days, I’ll push it back a little more and will continue to do so until I hit my goal “get up” time: 5:30 am.

Now, I know I’ve aimed for this before and failed. This time, I’m going a little more extreme. It’s time to move the ol’ alarm clock out of arm’s reach AND switch it over to the annoying buzz setting – instead of the lovely music that I enjoy laying and listening to 😉 .

You can just see my alarm clock on the back corner of the far dresser

I’ll be tracking my progress in my new Goals section. Feel free to give me a scolding if you see me slipping 🙂 .

Questions of the Day:

Do you have to or get to establish your own professional development goals at work? If so, have you ever connected them to your personal/home life?

What goal(s) are you working on right now?

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