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Golf, Fish, and Lots of Spirit

Friday was a great day, start to finish.

First, it was UW Spirit Day. It’s a day for UW-Madison alumni to wear their Badger best and raise awareness of the value grads contribute to communities around the world. As I have the last two years, I broke out the Badger gear to show off my pride at work.

Spirit Day 2012

Spirit Day always puts me in a good mood, and the workday went by nice and fast. Score!

After work, I went golfing for the first time this year. Jason is now a member of the Whitewater Country Club, and I think he’s really happy to be back to regular golfing. Jason used to golf every Monday with a few friends, but a different work schedule and a family shifted his routine. I know he has missed golfing all the time, so I’m glad he has the opportunity to go whenever he likes.

As we were loading my golf bag on a pull cart, we were greeted by the local rooster. What the…

Country Club Rooster

I was not expecting that.

Spirit Day was still in full effect – My bag is decked out Bucky style.

Bucky Towel

Bucky Power

It wound up getting rather chilly out and we were basically alone on the course (although Jason tells me that’s the norm). I didn’t do well at all, so I was grateful for the lack of fellow golfers. I definitely got frustrated, but Jason kept me in check (as best he could). I haven’t golfed that much, so I’m not bad from that perspective.

Quiet on the Course

My husband is a beast on the golf course, so I guess I’ll trust his opinion   🙂

My Golf Beast

After golf, we headed to our regular fish fry joint. All in all, it was the perfect Wisconsin Friday.

My Husband the Golf Pro

The final component to our busy weekend was taking our niece Reagan out for her first golf lesson. My mother-in-law had a golf outing this week and wanted to hit the driving range with my golf pro of a husband, so it was the perfect opportunity for Reagan to try out the new golf clubs she received for her birthday.

The sun was appreciated; the heat and humidity were not.
Driving Range on a Hot Sunday

Jason leads Reagan through some warm-up stretches.
Warming Up

Is it wrong that I’m jealous of Reagan’s clubs?
Kids Clubs

I can’t be too jealous. After all, I’m rockin’ a Badger theme with my clubs.
Laura's Badger-Themed Golf Gear

First up: Lining up to the tee.
Working on Her Stance

Next: Learning how to swing the club.
Some Swing Assistance

Look at that form!
Excellent Form

Jason was everyone’s coach that day. I hadn’t been golfing since last summer, and I wasn’t hitting too terribly. My only issue – which is actually a bit of a problem – was a nasty slice, or push to the left. Jason helped me make a couple of corrections, but practice is going to be needed.

After helping his mom, me, and Reagan, Jason broke out his driver to hit a few. He’s seriously awesome!

Time for the Big Hitter to Go

Awesome Driver

We were only out for about a half hour to an hour, but the heat kicked our butts. We had a great time and can’t wait to take Reagan out again, but we’ll aim for a slightly cooler day.

Question of the Day

  • Golf: Love it or hate it?


First Furlough Friday Fun Fail

For those of you not in Wisconsin or not in the know about the state’s budget woes, all state employees – of which I am one – have mandated furloughs. Last year (2009-2010) was the first year and this academic year is hopefully the second and last year. As a result, I get eight unpaid days off, four of which are scheduled by the university. Today was one of those days.

My friend and fellow UW-W employee Kyle, aka Director of Fun, organized a Furlough Friday fun day. First up was a round of golf at Spring Creek Golf Center to be followed by drinks and dinner at Cozumel Mexican Restaurant.

What started out a two foursomes for golf widdled down to Kyle, Jason, and me. We were still pumped to play despite the nasty humidity and potential for storms.

Looming Trouble
Looming Trouble

For those who don’t know Jason well, he is a very good golfer. He golfed in high school, golfed in college, and regularly golfed for years with a group of co-workers. Unfortunately, our house, our wedding, among other things, put a bit of a damper on his golfing hobby.

Me, on the other hand – I’m still very much a beginner. I took golf in college – gotta love those sports electives! – but never golfed a full game until Jason invited me back in June 2006. We were still friends who did very datey things when we got together, and that day was going to be the day that he told me his true feelings for me. Awww 🙂 . Unfortunately, he chickened out, and the conversation took place the following week 😉 .

That fateful round was played at Hawk View Golf Club, where two years later we got married!

Our golf themed tables – Yes, I’m was that awesome of a bride 🙂

Of course, people had to find their table – aka hole – so they had to consult their score cards.

My Man of Honor and bridesmaids having some golf course fun!

While Jason still golfs on occasion – although not nearly as often as he’d like – I haven’t been out for a couple of years.

Today started out promising. For not having played in two years, I actually didn’t do too badly.

Look at that intensity!

My fellow lefty 🙂

We were just finishing the fourth hole when the looming storm started to blow in – literally. Time to high-tail it back to the club house!

Let's Get Off the Course

Nasty Sky

We got under cover just in time.


More Rain

Beverages While Keeping Dry
We enjoyed a few beverages while we waited for the rain to end.

We met up with a couple of Kyle’s University Library co-workers at Cozumel for a yummy dinner. So half of the day’s plan worked out 🙂 .

Not the most successful day outdoors, but we do have passes for a free round of golf. We’ll take on Spring Creek again soon – at least before the end of October 🙂 .

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