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Busy, Busy Week

Things are crazy in the Jacobs’ household this week. My mom underwent knee replacement surgery on Monday, so we’ve been taking care of both her and her dog, Jordan. The surgery went well and if all continues to go well, she could be coming home Thursday. Her knees have been such a problem for a long time – I’m hoping that this helps her feel and live life much better.

I have to admit, it has been tough having my mom in the hospital. We lost my dad four years ago, and it was scary having my mom go under the knife. I know she was pretty scared, too. We both made it through and I’ll be there for her as she makes her way home and back to good health.

Jordan is staying with us, so we will be a three dog household for a while. The dogs are adjusting nicely, and they are just hilarious to watch. I’m hoping to capture some video and post it here soon. We really enjoy having Jordan at the house and all three are having a great time playing together.

On a final note, I’m still moving along with my happiness project. I’m still struggling with getting “enough” sleep. Next week, I want to begin building regular exercise back into my days (I would have done that this week, but I knew my schedule would be a little chaotic).  To at least jump start this goal, my friend and fellow UW-W employee Kyle and I are once again participating in UW-W’s Rec Sports’ 10,000 Steps Challenge. For the next eight weeks, we’ll both be sporting our trusty pedometers trying to get in 10,000 steps per day. This doesn’t seem difficult, but I know from a couple years ago, when Kyle and I participated in this same program, it’s tough! It’s a good motivator, though, and I’m looking forward to taking on the challenge again (and hopefully doing much better).

I hope the final week of February is treating you well! Bring on March – and hopefully spring weather!

Taking Too Big a Bite Out of Life

I can truly attest to gaining weight after getting married. I’ve gained about 20 pounds since our wedding a year and a half ago. Ouch!

Just after finishing undergrad and just as I was starting my graduate work, I was able to lose about 40 pounds. It felt incredible and it really wasn’t that difficult. I used a calorie tracking program on my old PDA and combined more sensible calorie intake with regular exercise. When my dad passed away in 2006, I wound up losing about another 10 pounds. The stress of finishing grad school combined with the emotional toll of losing a parent resulted in a loss of appetite. Then a summer off while job hunting gave me plenty of time to fit in lots of activity – and voila, I was in the best shape of my life.

Since starting to work full-time, moving into our home, and getting married, my calorie intake had gotten completely out of control. My aim now is to reign in back in. I’m not going to get back to my ideal weight until my eating is under control. I have a program on my iPhone to help me track my calories, so my goal this week is to stay in balance each day. No more overeating.

Not only will this help me with my weight loss goal, but it will help me feel better and hopefully more energetic.

Maybe My Bed Is Just Too Comfortable

I unsuccessfully made it through the first week of my happiness project. My resolution for the week was to get 7.5 hours of sleep a night, no staying up late or sleeping in. While I had no problem getting to bed early enough, I just couldn’t seem to pry myself out of bed in the morning. I wound up getting too much sleep and feeling more sluggish as a result. Not really achieving an increase in energy like I wanted.

I’ve read plenty of tips for falling asleep and I really don’t have many problems there. I have a set routine that includes drinking a cup of tea and reading a book before turning the lights out. Our bedroom is a restful place: no TV, very little clutter, super dark. What I need is a strategy for getting my lazy butt out of the bed in the morning.

So sleep is once again my focus for week two. This week, my strategy is to start from my normal wake-up time and progressively move that time earlier. This means beginning tomorrow with a 6:45a wake time, and from there I will push it back in 5 minute increments. By the end of the week, my wake time should have moved 30 minutes earlier. Let’s see how this goes.

How do you feel about the amount of sleep you get? Getting too little? Too much? What kind of routine have you established to help you fall asleep and/or get up in the morning?

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