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Keeping a Secret

There is a little something I’ve been hiding from my blog…

I am finally on track with losing some weight.

Back in January, I set some goals for this year. For the record, I bombed on every one of them  🙁  The one that I had the highest hopes for was losing 20 pounds by June. I basically didn’t lose anything between January and June. I was very disappointed in myself.

The disappointment hit its peak during our summer vacation. Jason and I were trudging up the most challenging stretch on our Lembert Dome hike. I was getting very frustrated with the effort it was taking me to hike that first mile. Even though a lot of it had to do with the altitude, I couldn’t help but feel that my weight and mediocre physical fitness played a role.

Lembert Dome

I did not feel good about myself.

Now when I say my weight was a problem, it was just that my weight was out of the ideal zone based on my height. My healthy range is between 116 and 157 pounds. Of course, 116 is totally absurd. But when I was feeling my very best, I was around 135 pounds. Since 2010, I had been tipping the scale at around 165 pounds. Not completely horrible, but definitely overweight.

That hike did not escape my memory when we returned home. I set out to get with it and lose that weight. And I did just that. Since August, I am down 7 pounds.

The last couple of months have been difficult. I’ve gone down a couple more pounds, back up a pound, then up another pound, and back down again. I’ve been skipping workouts, and stress has led to some not so good dinner choices…and maybe a little popcorn at work (we’re talking movie-style popcorn 😐 ).

I had been feeling so incredible, and I am sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. Ultimately, my goal is to get down to 140 pounds. I am going to make it happen for my health and for my happiness. Of course, it’s more than just hitting a certain number. I want to be conditioned to do all the things I want to do these days – hiking, snowshoeing, running, etc.

When you stop to think about it, physical fitness and overall health play a big part in outdoor activities. Most of the blogs I read are healthy living blogs, and I’ve often seen their focus and purpose as very different from mine. The truth is that there shouldn’t be a big difference. To do the things we want to do outdoors, we need to be conditioned for it. And taking care of ourselves in a way that is also good for the earth connects with many healthy living principles.

I feel like I’m getting to a good place with how I’m treating my body, from working out to eating right. Getting there is half the battle.

Ultimate New York Body Plan: Day 2

Stick to a regular exercise time every day. Make exercise ritualistic – like brushing your teeth.
– David Kirsch

Today’s Meals

Breakfast was once again a DK Protein Shake.


Once I got to work, I also had some green tea. I needed a little extra boost.


I had been planning on having lunch on campus today. My lunch buddy is, unfortunately, getting over a nasty bug, so I was on my own. I went over to the only restaurant open in our student center for the summer: Graham Street Cafe. They have soups, sandwiches, and to-go salads – and as I expected (but was hoping to be wrong), it’s nearly impossible for me to eat healthy there 🙁 . I wound up getting one of the shaker salads – Spinach and Chicken. I had to pick out the shredded cheddar buried deep in the spinach leaves – fun – and had no other salad dressing option but the balsamic vinaigrette included in the container. Technically, I should be staying away from balsamic vinegar right now as it has more sugar in it than the better choices of red or white wine vinegar.

It’s definitely disappointing to work on a college campus and be so limited in healthy dining options. Even during the school year, it’s super hard to find anything really healthy…or cheap for that matter. I was hoping the soup today would be something alright for me to have – tomato for example – but it was, of course, potato. I read through the different sandwiches, hoping to find one that I could easily dissect, but my main options for that to be worthwhile were paninis – hello necessary cheese. Needless to say, it was frustrating.

Later in the afternoon, I enjoyed another cup of green tea along with DK’s Tuna Salad with Whole Grain Mustard and Water Chestnuts.

Finally, dinner was another protein shake.

Jason did better with his dinner tonight, but not by much:

I am so proud of myself for not even attempting to steal a french fry – you have no idea how hard that is for me 😉 .

Today’s Workout

Today was an ab/core toning routine day. This routine includes more exercises for the lower and upper back. I’m realizing that my back must be in bad shape – those exercises are tough!

I followed my ab/core workout with a 5K training run with Jason. It was super humid out again, which is making the process of getting back into running much more challenging. Today’s workout was 15 minutes, with 5 circuits of 2 minutes walking and 1 minute running. This easy run is in advance of a nasty Thursday – 1 minute walking followed by 10 minutes running! Luckily, we only have to go for 10 (to 25) minutes 🙂 .

Other Thoughts on the Day

My biggest challenge today was energy. From past attempts at detoxing from carbs and sugars, I know that the second day is a bad one. I had a couple of boosts from the green tea. I honestly thought that my workouts would drain me even more, but they really left me feeling more energized. I faced the challenge head on by reminding myself that Day 2 is bad, but Day 3 gets better 🙂 .

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